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Bloodheads United E.P.

Bloodbound are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2004, releasing six studio albums over their first ten years, with the live album 'One Night Of Blood', a 2016 release. The bands seventh album 'War Of Dragons' was released in 2017, with their eighth 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' a 2019 release.    
2020 sees the release of a special E.P. 'Bloodheads United', dedicated to the bands ever growing fan base. The E.P. contains four exclusive live songs, recorded at the 2017 Bang Your Head Festival in Germany. as well as one brand new song 'Bloodheads United'...    
...a metal hymn dedicated to their loyal legion of fans. Bloodbound are known for displaying all traits of the heavy metal genre - from lightning speed, to mid tempo anthemic epics, to catchy and highly melodic head nodders. 'Bloodheads United' (the song) is an atmospheric hymn-like anthem, highly majestic, and a fitting tribute to their legions of fans.    
The four live songs, from the bands 2017 festival appearance at Bang Your Head in Germany, showcase the bands awesome power and electrifying stage presence. The songs are 'Bloodtale' (from 2014's 'Stormborn'), 'Battle In The Sky' (from 2017's 'War Of Dragons'), 'In The Name Of Metal' (from 2012's 'In The Name Of Metal'), and 'Moira' (from 2011's 'Unholy Cross').    
Overall, a superb metal hymn and storming live performances, 'Bloodheads United' is an exclusive, yet fantastic E.P.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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