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Creatures Of The Dark Realm

Bloodbound are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2004, releasing eight studio albums over a prolific career to date: 'Nosferatu' (2005), 'Book Of The Dead' (2007), 'Tabula Rasa' (2009), 'Unholy Cross' (2011), 'In The Name Of Metal' (2012), 'Stormborn' (2014), 'War Of Dragons' (2017), and 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' (2019). The band are recognised as one of Europe's best anthemic and epic metal bands, their sound evolving to incorporate symphonic and power metal elements too. In 2020 the band released a special E.P. 'Bloodheads United', dedicated to their ever growing legion of fans...    
...and in 2021, the bands ninth studio album 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' was released. Featuring eleven songs across forty five minutes, the new album is more melodic, more catchy, more infectious, more everything!! Opening with a thirty second intro 'The Creatures Preludium' that rises the anticipation levels, the album sets sail with melodic power metaller (and title song) 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm'. Highly infectious and totally sing a long able 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' (the song) is an instant like - and sets the tone for what is to follow. 'When Fate Is Calling' increases the power metal feel, with a lighter and brighter aura taking over. Heads will be nodding and feet will be tapping to this one. The melodious gallop of the opening double salvo gets a little heavier, Bloodbound returning to their heavy metal roots with 'Ever Burning Flame'. Head nodding becomes head banging as 'Ever Burning Flame' increases the pace over the chorus break. This is glorious stuff from one of Sweden's greatest exports - and believe me there have been many!    
With a jab, an uppercut, and an almighty haymaker, 'Eyes Come Alive' hits very hard, the hardest hit of the album so far. And the chugging guitar sound is highly reminiscent of the eighties heyday for heavy metal evolution. 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' (the album) is just getting better and better as each song passes by. Now I was wondering how long it would be before the Bloodbound blend of highly majestic anthemic metal would make its appearance - it took six songs! 'Death Will The Lead The Way' is bold and epic, the anthemic melding with the glory style of metal to produce an epic, fast paced gallop. Staying put in the glory corner of metal, and bringing the mid tempo anthemic style to the fore, 'Gathering Of Souls' is a melodic foot stomper. And the chorus is surely gonna become a crowd favourite sing a long.    
With a title such as 'Kill Or Be Killed', you'd probably expect an aggressive bull in a china shop rampage - but no! 'Kill Or Be Killed' brings a touch of folk, or is it pirate metal to the album. Yes, that's right, I said folk and pirate! But the swinging swagger of 'Kill Or Be Killed' is just so fucking catchy. Raise your beers high in salute... Blistering pace returns in the mighty shape of 'The Gargoyles Gate', racing along at full tilt. And for the first time, the mosh pit has something to go really wild over. The pace, the power, 'The Gargoyles Gate' has it all. Anthemic metal makes a welcome return with 'March Into War', a foot stomper of the heaviest kind. Heavy yes, but also massively melodic. Since the album began, Bloodbound have kept the energy high, the intensity higher, and the pace unrelenting. What an effort! 'Face Of Evil' is classic sounding melodic heavy metal in the vein of the genres pioneers from the eighties - you know who I mean! And with just one song remaining, 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' (the album) has been an absolute blast, a sonic assault of some of the best power come heavy metal you're ever likely to hear this year. 'The Wicked And The Weak' closes the album with as much energy and bombast as it began. All of the songs on offer have tingled the senses and excited the mind. 'Creatures Of The Dark Realm' (the album) will be a welcome addition, and enhancement to any metal collection.    
Overall, a relentless assault of highly infectious and melodic heavy metal from one of the genres greatest bands.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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