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Rise Of The Dragon Empire

Bloodbound are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2004, releasing six studio albums over their first ten years, with the live album 'One Night Of Blood', a 2016 release. The bands seventh studio album 'War Of Dragons' was released in 2017, with 2019 the year when the dragon empire will rise, with the release of 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire'.    
Monumental, monolithic and majestic are all terms that can be associated with one of Europe's (and probably the world's) best anthemic and epic metal bands, Bloodbound. Fifteen years since their inception, eight studio albums and one live album, Bloodbound continue to stun and amaze fans with their passion and pride. Quickly into its stride, the new album explodes into life with the regal 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire', displaying everything from heavy metal to hard rock, power metal to symphonic metal and a few other nuances tucked in there too. 'Slayer Of Kings' picks up the pace and fairly hurtles along at a pace more synonymous with the speed metal genre. Losing nothing of their hymn like and choral sound, 'Slayer Of Kings' is a powerhouse song with an anthemic sing a long style chorus. A breath taking opening double salvo is made a triple with the highly energetic and swaggering 'Skyriders And Stormbringers'. A more mid tempo pace and heavily melodic, 'Skyriders And Stormbringers' will appeal to fans who sit on the fence between the metal and rock genres. Adopting a heavier vibe, 'Magical Eye' is a bombastic romp of heavy metal, blended with symphonic metal to produce a highly orchestral sound that is just climactic in its delivery. Deserving to be played loud, 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' does not disappoint and delivers everything you'd expect from Bloodbound...and so much more. Jaws will drop, hearts will skip beats and hairs will rise on the arms of listeners everywhere.    
Anthemic and orchestral choir like, 'Blackwater Bay' is a social gathering sing a long, the climax to an outstanding opera performance, and an absolute corker of how the melodic symphonic metal genre should sound like. Take a back seat bands such as Powerwolf and Sabaton, Bloodbound are now leading the way. 'Giants Of Heaven' picks up the pace, allowing a bit of head banging to come forth. With feet in the genres of power, speed and symphonic metal, 'Giants Of Heaven' is a glorious "foot on the monitor" gallop that will delight fans everywhere, old and new, and old and young. Bloodbound have established themselves at the forefront of the European heavy metal genre, and on the evidence of 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire', they are gonna stay there for many years to come. A story telling format appears in many songs that Bloodbound offer, with themes of fantasy, magic and folklore. 'The Warlock's Trail' is one such offering, a heavy hitting mid temp stomp, a foot tapper, a head nodder and a smile inducer. Since the albums opening, there has been no breather, no let up in the intensity or power, and there still isn't gonna be, as 'A Blessing In Sorcery' shudders the ground it strides on. Packing a punch that world champion heavy weight boxers would struggle to match, 'A Blessing In Sorcery' is one of the best songs on offer and one of the many highlights the new album has on show.    
Bloodbound have pulled out all the stops with their eighth studio release, defining their symphonic metal nuances with the European power metal sound to create something really special. The impact of 'Rise Of The Dragon Empire' is huge, no, massive, and will live long in the hearts of fans the world over. Dropping the tempo and heavying things up, Bloodbound deliver the anthemic and heavy foot stomping 'Breaking The Beast'. Majestic, epic and hymn like in its approach, 'Breaking The Beast' is fantastical and magical in equal quantities. Pace returns to the album in emphatic fashion with the speed metal cacophony 'Balerion'. Infectious and addictive, 'Balerion' is one hundred percent sing a long able, and another major highlight of the album. Get those heads banging and raise your fists high in the air and salute a superb slice of heavy power metal. Bringing the album to a close is the mellowest song on offer, bordering on power ballad territory, yet maintaining the climactic, operatic and choral sound that Bloodbound stand tall for. 'Reign Of Fire' is a majestic end to a glorious album, offering a kind of "warm down" if you like, after such an intense and pulsating journey of cracking heavy power metal.    
Overall, a superb offering of symphonic power metal from masters of the genre, Bloodbound deliver a great album of energy and passion.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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