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War Of Dragons

Bloodbound are a heavy metal band from Sweden formed in 2004, releasing six studio albums over their first ten years, with a live album seeing the light of day in 2016. The bands seventh studio effort will be released in 2017.    
With themes of fantasy, magic and medieval times, Bloodbound deliver a brand of power metal similar in style to bands such as Freedom Call, HammerFall and Powerwolf. 'A New Era Begins' is a short spoken word intro that leads into the furiously fast paced 'Battle In The Sky'. The recent release from US power metallers Cellador (Off The Grid), set new standards for precision speed metal, and with a deep breath Bloodbound are challenging that speed. 'Tears Of A Dragonheart' is European power metal at its best, with both operatic and symphonic tendencies. The epic nature of the bands sound is top notch, with a clean and clear vocal performance, blistering to the extent of screeching guitars and a galloping rhythm that is just relentless as it races on. The title song 'War Of Dragons' offers more of the same, but is more thunderous in its approach, making it sound much heavier than the opening double shot. If you're looking for a speed metal album to take your breath away and test how far your neck muscles can stretch, then this is the one for you... All the songs on offer clock in at less than five minutes in length, with six of them less than four minutes!    
With a folk inspired rhythm, 'Silver Wings' is an epic romp of blistering passion and power. Feet will be stomping hard as 'Silver Wings' chugs and chops its way on, with heads banging very hard such is the songs ferocity. The anthemic 'Stand And Fight' is pure heavy metal, fiercely delivered and catchy in all areas, especially the sing a long style chorus. 'King Of Swords' is a savage storm of aggressive rhythms with an astounding ability to be catchy at the same Bloodbound achieve this is beyond me, and maybe that's their x factor, but however they do it, 'War Of Dragons' (the album) is just getting better and better. With no let up in the scorching pace for a breather, 'Fallen Heroes' picks up the baton and marches on majestically. Heavy and unforgiving, 'Fallen Heroes' introduces a much more melodic approach and is a thunderous romp of epic proportions. If your neck muscles aren't hurting yet, then you ain't head banging hard enough...    
If you're beginning to think that the album cannot keep this pace up, then think again, because the pace and power just got an injection of speed. 'Guardians At Heaven's Gate' is a rocket fuelled, jet propelled, high velocity romp of relentlessness. The precision required to play at this speed is a skill level that many bands fail to achieve, yet Bloodbound have it in abundance. If you haven't yet head banged your head right off your shoulders then let 'Symphony Santa' have a go. The scorching pace is phenomenally fast, yet there is a distinct symphonic edge to 'Symphony Santa'. Across all songs on the album, the vocals are clean and clear, offering fantastic sing a long ability. Now, do you ever sweat when head banging? You definitely will be after listening to this album. 'Starfall' offers up a much moodier and dark vibe and is a very hard hitting melodic hard rock song that will pound and pummel at the senses, bringing you to the final song, the infectious and memorable 'Dragons Are Forever'. Guitar shredding at speed, 'Dragons Are Forever' is relentless as it struts its stuff majestically and has the most catchy sing a long anthemic style chorus of any song on the album. Bloodbound have delivered a superb album of speed metal, setting new standards in the genre.    
Overall, blistering speed metal played with perfect precision, Bloodbound have delivered a high velocity blast of fierce heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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