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Temtris are a female fronted heavy metal band from Australia formed in 1999 releasing their debut album 'Threshold' in 2003. Two further albums followed - 2007's 'Masquerade', and 2014's 'Shallow Grave' - with the bands fourth album, 'Enter The Asylum' emerging in 2016. The band released 'Run' in 2018 as the first single off their fifth album 'Rapture', which was released later the same year. The single 'Forever', was released in 2020...    
...and less than a year later, the Australian queen of metal and her crew came storming back with a new single 'Ritual Warfare' - taken from the bands sixth album (also titled) 'Ritual Warfare'. Pulsating with a menacing rhythm that's gonna knock you for six, 'Ritual Warfare' (the song) is a sensational warm-up for the main event - 'Ritual Warfare' the album! Following the incredible 'Rapture' of three years ago, seismographs are already trembling at the prospect of an impending storm. The latest forecast will see the biggest storm of heavy metal ever, erupting from Australia, with the resulting shockwaves felt all around the world. Every storm gets given a name, but this storm, which has been brewing for over two decades, already has a name - and that name is Temtris. Led by the powerhouse vocals of the gorgeous Genevieve, and the incredible guitar work of the amazing "Fox" - the band have just unleashed their sixth album 'Ritual Warfare' - featuring eight songs over a ferocious forty six minutes of soaring vocals, searing riffs, and scorching rhythms.    
So batten down the hatches, and prepare for the coming storm - as Temtris get ready to strike...    
...and strike hard they do, with the fast paced and ferocious opener 'Race To The End'. Featuring the classic "foot on the monitor" feel of traditional heavy metal, Temtris gallop through 'Race To The End' with staggering intensity, and a vocal performance that shows off Genevieve's incredible voice - she really is a powerhouse vocalist. During my review of the bands previous album 'Rapture', I compared Genevieve to the mighty Bruce Dickinson (a few times), and suggested she would be an ideal replacement for the man known for his "air raid siren" vocals. And after hearing just the first song off the new album, I would personally recommend Genevieve to Steve Harris and the boys that she should take over the mic.    
So how do you follow such a breath taking start? By picking up the pace, increasing the intensity and aggression, and adding a little bit of the ferocious attitude of thrash. For 'One For All' is much heavier than 'Race To The End' and features one helluva head banging rhythm - the band catering for their legion of fans who wish to furiously head bang. And that guitar solo "ohhh my"! And Genevieve's voice "ohhh my God"! I know the band have been around a few years and have honed their craft - but by crikey they're firing on all cylinders. 'Seven Sins Of Man' deals with the seven deadly sins - and is the most melodic song heard so far, yet also maintains the albums unabashed approach to traditional heavy metal. The head bang ability of this album is sky high, the sing a long ability off the charts, and the memorability (apparently that's not a word, but it fucking well should be) is forever - 'cause this is an album you ain't gonna forget.    
Sizzling with energy, oomph, and bombast, 'Forever' is a ferocious ripper, a fast paced barn storming metal anthem fuelled by mild aggression and melodic mastery. Genevieve's soaring vocals are simply stunning, with 'Forever' scorching by with both feet firmly planted on the monitor. Lead single 'Ritual Warfare', knocks you for six, pulsating with a menace not heard so far on the album. Genevieve is on top form, her soaring vocals across the chorus breaks are simply out of this world - and that scream from fifty seconds onwards is just sensational... The melodies, the harmonies, the riffs, all ablaze with outstanding musicianship. Temtris should be headlining shows all over the world, and gracing the stage at many of the biggest festivals around. How the fuck they're not is one of the greatest injustices ever!    
Five years ago, I was invited to "enter the asylum" and was gobsmacked by an avalanche of melodic heavy metal. Three years ago I was stunned by an incredible "rapture" of barn storming heavy metal. And this year, I have now been engulfed by "ritual warfare" - a devastating assault of aggression fuelled, yet highly melodic heavy metal. The Australian queen of metal and her crew are smoking hot, with what seems like a plan to take over the world - and I for one can easily see them doing so. 'Ritual Warfare' (the album) is nothing short of sensational.    
And strewth mate! The heavy foot stomping style of metal makes its presence felt in the mighty shape of 'Tempus Aeternum'. The heaviness of the album just trebled, with the soaring vocals soaring higher than ever. The majestic march of 'Tempus Aeternum' blends anthemic metal with a hymn-like quality, an epic blend that bands such as Manowar, Sabaton, and Powerwolf are most well known for. Hitting the accelerator and moving forward at high velocity, 'Erased' sets a new speed record for the album. Fans of the traditional style of heavy metal will find 'Ritual Warfare' (the album) very attractive, but fans of the power, speed, and thrash styles will also find something here to tickle their taste buds.    
If you've never heard of Temtris before now - where the fucking hell have you been! The bands sixth full length album is an absolute corker, and should see the band elevating to international status - where they should have been after their fifth album 'Rapture' (2018). Now then, it's an old saying I know, but "all good things come to an end" - and so does 'Ritual Warfare' (the album). The final song 'Always United', melds anthemic heavy metal with the glorious traditional style, creating a rabble rousing call to arms never be defeated always together, "always united" attitude. For heavy metal is a brotherhood, a sisterhood, and we are all brethren and sistren of the greatest, most amazing style of music ever created. And in the mighty shape of Temtris - heavy metal is in very safe hands. Ritual Warfare - an album I highly recommend, and one that gets my vote for Album Of The Year.    
Overall, a perfect storm of great heavy metal from a great band firing on all cylinders - 'Ritual Warfare' is a perfect album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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