Painted Black

Project Pain are a thrash metal band from the Netherlands formed in 2011, releasing their debut album 'I Have Sinned' the following year. The bands second album 'Thrashed To Kill' was released three years later in 2015, displaying a savage brutality similar in style to iconic bands Kreator and Slayer. Coincidence or a genuine fluke, another three years passed by and the band released their third album 'Brothers In Blood', in 2018 - their most brutally savage work to date. With 2021 looming large on the horizon, yet another three years will have passed by since the bands last album - will we see a new album from the Dutch thrashers next year? A big question that I'm not gonna debate right now - because Project Pain have released a brand new single, and boy is it special for a couple of reasons...    
...firstly, the single is titled 'Painted Black', which is a clever play on words, for 'Painted Black' is actually a cover version of 'Paint It Black' - the hit number one single by British rock legends the Rolling Stones, originally released in May 1966 - an incredible fifty four years ago! Even I'm not that old... But ya know, classic songs from the past never grow old, they just become more nostalgic.    
And secondly, 'Painted Black' is my 1,000th review for Frenzy Fire (insert "wow" emoji here). It has been seven incredibly insane years since I began writing reviews under the Frenzy Fire banner - the quality of metal/rock music from all around the world has been phenomenally fantastic, with some truly terrific and exceptional bands, albums and songs. One such band is Project Pain - I reviewed their debut album, and have been hooked on the band ever since, also having the pleasure of reviewing their second, and third albums.    
And now, I have the honour of reviewing the bands new single 'Painted Black'. Project Pain's guitarist Guido Den Hoed, was in a band prior to Project Pain, with drummer Arne ten Hoedt - called Virtual (releasing just the one album in 1996) - and they used to perform a metal version of 'Paint It Black' live on stage. The duo often talked about Project Pain recording a thrash metal version, and eventually decided to do it... Arne on drums, Guido all guitars and bass, Bauke Goudbeek (singer for Project Pain) on vocals, and as a special guest, Helstar guitarist Larry Barragin. The band met Larry last year, who said he would love to contribute a guitar solo on a Project Pain song - and here he is...    
So, 'Painted Black' then... A one word review would be "wow". A two word review would be "fucking wow". The pace of 'Painted Black' is kept very much to that of the original, for the most part anyway, until Project Pain decide to turn it into a real thrashy endeavour. Bauke is on fine form - growling, snarling and screaming. 'Painted Black' is obviously beefier than the original, with thrash metal never a thing back in the sixties. Project Pain have done 'Paint It Black' justice, and the Rolling Stones proud. The band have given it a new lease of life, and maybe, just maybe, in fifty four years time, we'll be honouring 'Painted Black' in the same way as we honour 'Paint It Black' today.    
Overall, a corker of a cover version, Project Pain do a fantastic job with the pace and feel of the original, and then seamlessly turn it thrashy. Brilliant.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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