Thrashed To Kill

Project Pain are a thrash metal band from the Netherlands formed in 2011 who released their debut album the following year. The follow-up 'Thrashed To Kill' was released in April 2015.    
Three years have passed since the release of the debut album 'I Have Sinned' during which time I am not entirely sure what the band have been up to, but whatever it was, the resulting follow-up album 'Thrashed To Kill' is an epic masterpiece that has definitely been worth the wait. From the opening song 'Betrayal', a brutal Kreator style rampage, to the rampant and frenetic 'Necrophiliac', both the production and sound quality is so much more superior to that heard on their debut album. This is a band that has "grown up" yet have kept the raw, brutal and aggressive nature of their sound intact.    
Attitude abounds with 'Piss On Your Grave' as it stomps and stamps its way through superb guitar riffs and thunderous drums. 'Piss On Your Grave' is one of those rare thrash metal songs that is catchy, with an anthemic chorus and owes much of its sound to that found in the thrash explosion of the late eighties. A cracking opening trio of all out thrash metal songs just gets better with 'Zero Tolerance', a song so full of attitude and aggression it's in danger of receiving an ASBO from the local police. It has speed, it has pace, the vocals are venomous in their delivery and if ever you wanted a song to dedicate to an enemy, this is it, especially with lyrics such as "you dumb fuck" and "i've got news for you, you fucking pile of shit". Just awesome.    
Pace slows for the haunting intro to 'Sent Off To Die', followed by the best riff on the album before a change of pace and the song rattles off like an out of control express train. With a couple of superb breakdowns that will have the mosh pit in a frenzy, 'Sent Off To Die' is a relentless romp of brutality. 'Fear The Reaper' is a foot stomping, head banging, mid tempo romp with razor sharp guitars and a pulsating rhythm that will give non metal heads a headache. With no let up in aggression or brutality 'Flatline Invasion' is a thunderous and raucous rampage of blistering guitars and drums.    
An amazing album just gets better and better with the title song 'Thrashed To Kill', another breathtaking romp of aggression and raw brutality, yet with a really catchy rhythm. 'Thrashed To Kill' has no let up in pace as it pounds and pounds at the senses. 'At Dawn We Ride' continues the thrash assault with speed, pace and aggression all topped of with an anthemic chorus that will have the crowds chanting it in a live arena. All good things have to come to an end, but what an end this album comes to with 'Taken By Force'. The title of the song sums up the entire album as the band have taken the mantle of Thrash Metal and breathed fire into it, not just once but many times over. Recent releases from thrash metal legends Kreator, Over Kill and Testament have fuelled the resurgence of thrash, and this album stands proudly, shoulder to shoulder, with these.    
Overall, a superb album full of aggression, attitude and brutality, with every song a pulsating and breathtaking rampage of excellent thrash metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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