I Have Sinned

Project Pain are a thrash metal band from the Netherlands formed in 2011 by Bauke Goudbeek (vocals) and Guido den Hoed (guitars). After trying out a number of musicians over the next two years, the band came together as a five piece with Stephen Sewsingh (bass), Sander Kroonsberg (drums) and Niels van Lier (guitar). In 2013, the band released their debut album 'I Have Sinned'.    
The album opens with the fast paced, furious 'False Prophet', sounding like a cross between (early) Exodus and Slayer. The song rattles along at a frenetic pace with some excellent riffs, thunderous drums and screeching guitar solos. The brutality continues with 'Retribution', full of anger and attitude, a superb throaty gravelly vocal performance and a blistering guitar solo. 'W.O.D.' is a high tempo thrash romp that will have the mosh pit moshing frantically. 'W.O.D.' has all the trademarks of becoming an anthemic live favourite.    
Title song 'I Have Sinned' is a full on thumping thrash stomp, all guitars and drums as it blazes its way through to a conclusion. 'Thrashopolis' is riff heavy, foot stomping and an out and out head banger. Superb guitar work and screaming guitar solos make this one of the best songs on the album. A superb guitar intro welcomes the rollicking instrumental romp 'Canister', as it pounds and pummels the senses with time changes aplenty, superb riffs and hooks and a foot tapping rhythm. A scream, not too dissimilar to Tom Araya (Slayer), announces the arrival of the pounding 'Embrace Death' as it relentlessly stomps on and on with some fantastic death metal growl vocals mixed in too.    
'Hatred' is another Slayer-like romp full of heavy guitar chugging, foot stomping rhythms, blistering guitar solos and powerful vocals. Awesome guitar riffing introduces the brutal 'House Of Pain' as it stomps majestically through to an end. Closing the album is 'Silent But Deadly', which is anything but silent, and most definitely is deadly as it races, full tilt, through cracking riffs and melodies to a blistering end.    
Overall, brutal, raw and frenetic energy abound in this thrash metal romp. From start to finish, superb guitar work, thunderous rhythms and powerful vocals. An exhilarating thrash ride.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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