Driving In Style



Thundermother are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2009 by guitarist Filippa Nassil. The bands debut album, 'Rock 'N' Roll Disaster' was released in 2014, quickly followed by their sophomore album, 'Road Fever' in 2015. In 2017, Thundermother underwent a radical line-up change, four members leaving, to leave founder Filippa all on her own. With determination and a desire to carry on, Filippa quickly assembled a new line-up, and released the single 'We Fight For Rock 'N' Roll' later the same year. The band went on tour across Europe supporting bands such as WASP, Michael Monroe and Danko Jones, culminating in an appearance at the Wacken Festival in Germany.    
In 2018, Thundermother released their third album, simply titled 'Thundermother' - a kinda nod of the head to a new beginning with a new line-up. The band are currently gearing up for the release of their fourth album 'Heat Wave' in the summer of 2020, and have released 'Driving In Style' as the first single.    
Three years ago when I reviewed the bands self-titled third album, I compared their sound to the legendary AC/DC, commenting "ever wondered what a female AC/DC tribute band might sound like"... Well, I just might have to eat my words. The band have progressed, evolved, and matured over the last three years, developing their own sound.    
Hitting harder than ever before, the bands new single 'Driving In Style', is a thumping hard rocker that sizzles with energy and oomph. A heavy hitting party anthem, Thundermother (literally) "rock the house" with 'Driving In Style' - and if this is how good the shift in the bands sound is, their new album is gonna be a corker.    
Overall, a bombastic and hard rocking party anthem, sizzling with energy, and a cracking appetiser for the bands new album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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