Thundermother are a hard rock band from Sweden formed in 2009 by guitarist Filippa Nassil. The bands debut album, 'Rock 'N' Roll Disaster' was released in 2014, quickly followed by their second album, 'Road Fever' in 2015. At the beginning of 2017, Thundermother underwent a major line-up change, four members left, leaving founder Filippa all on her own. With determination and a desire to carry on, a new line-up quickly came together, releasing the single 'We Fight For Rock 'N' Roll'. Tour dates followed across Europe supporting bands such as WASP, Michael Monroe and Danko Jones, culminating in an appearance at the legendary Wacken Festival. 2018 will see the release of the bands third album, simply titled 'Thundermother'.    
If you've ever wondered what a female AC/DC tribute band might sound like, you need not wonder anymore. Thundermother may portray a similar AC/DC hard rock boogie style sound, but they are by no means an AC/DC copy. All their material is their own, and image wise, they are a million miles away from the (one and only) original AC/DC. Anyway, enough about AC/DC, and on with the review. The self titled third album from Thundermother heralds a new start for the band, after the major line-up change, and launches forth with the mid tempo and punchy 'Revival'. Hitting hard, 'Revival' is aptly titled, and will have feet stomping straight from the off, with heads nodding gently and mouths watering at the prospect of what is yet to come. Thirteen songs across forty five minutes is very good on numbers, with 'Whatever' picking up the tempo, and energetically romping forth. Infectious and addictive, 'Whatever' is smile inducing hard rock of the sing a long variety. 'Survival Song' maintains the albums tempo and foot stomping nature, featuring buzzing guitars and a head noddingly addictive rhythm. A bubbling opening three songs, the album is starting to fizz as it forges ahead.    
'Racing On Mainstreet' is a hard rocking "driving anthem", well suited to being played loud through your car stereo, with the roof down on a sunny evening, driving through the countryside. Thundermother manage to inject a massive dose of catchiness into every song they play, even the soulfully sung ballad 'Fire In The Rain' has a certain catchy feel. Get those lighters out and sway from side to side as 'Fire In The Rain' ambles along. The up tempo, electrifyingly energetic style returns in full force with the punchy 'Hanging At My Door'. Sharp edged and hard hitting with a superb chorus break, 'Hanging At My Door' is reminiscent of the hard rock sleaze genre, spearheaded by the likes of Faster Pussycat, Ratt and Skid Row during the late eighties and early nineties. Picking up speed and setting a blistering pace, 'Rip Your Heart Out' is the fastest song on the album and the only one worthy of proper head banging. Pace and tempo varies greatly throughout the album, catering for all the hard rock sub genres. 'The Original Sin' returns the sleaze genre to the album in emphatic style. Oozing sleaze with a majestic swagger, 'The Original Sin' is a mid tempo masterpiece.    
Pace and power flows in abundance as 'Quitter' flies in and races off. Hard head nodding will ensue, with fists rhythmically punching the air in delight. Addictive and infectious, 'Quitter' is a superb slice of hard hitting hard rock. This album just keeps on getting better and better. The anthemic call to arms 'We Fight For Rock 'N' Roll' mixes the styles of UK icons Saxon and American legends Manowar, to produce a mouth watering, foot stomping anthem for the hard rock masses to passionately chant for many years to come. The power ballad 'Follow Your Heart' brings a mild touch of the AOR genre to the album, as it strolls on like a Sunday morning walk in the park. With a heavier feel than anything that has gone before, 'Children On The Rampage' is a mid tempo Southern Rock genre inspired romp. A detectable blues influence is in the mix too and Thundermother are not afraid to experiment with their sound. The album is brought to a close in a swaggering sleaze rock style with the prophetic and meaningful 'Won't Back Down'. Thundermother, especially their founder Filippa, haven't backed down, even when the chips were well and truly down during the line up turmoil, and have come back a much stronger band than ever.    
Overall, heavy hitting and punchy hard rock, full of bombastic energy and a catchiness second to none, Thundermother are back and better than ever.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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