Monument are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2011 who have injected new life into the NWOBHM genre with their brand of old school British heavy metal. Since their formation a number of singles have been released along with an E.P. in 2012, and their first full length album emerging in 2014. The band released their second album, 'Hair Of The Dog' in 2016, and 2018 will see Monument continue their heavy metal crusade with their third album, 'Hellhound'.    
NWOBHM newcomers Monument are back with their third album in four years, with this offering taking us on a meandering journey through the different styles that have made the NWOBHM the biggest genre in the world. Their brand of eighties "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal is wowing audiences everywhere, propelling the band to newer heights every time they set foot on a stage. Bombastic and energetic live performances continue to increase the bands fan base, with their new album a certainty to do the same. 'William Kidd' gets the album off to a flyer, immediately stretching its legs and galloping on at pace, winking at the German power metal genre as it hurtles by. Apart from this opening shout, the rest of the album falls into three different styles of NWOBHM: the classic traditional style, the melodic swagger and the high velocity galloping style. Each style is clearly recognisable as British, with Monument passionately raising the NWOBHM banner very high. The classic sound of traditional heavy metal is let loose with the catchy 'The Chalice'. Raise those fists high and punch the air in delight as 'The Chalice' romps on. 'Wheels Of Steel' delivers the awesome buzz guitar sound of the NWOBHM and with its catchy sing a long style chorus is gonna be a definite crowd pleaser. 'The End' is a six minute plus epic, an atmospheric intro leading into a slightly more menacing vibe, the pace quickening as the song unfolds. 'Straight Through The Heart' is a more  mid tempo NWOBHM romp, a romp that will have you smiling a mile wide and singing "straight through the heart" at the top of your voice.    
The more melodic side of the album comes courtesy of the double shot 'Nightrider' and 'Creatures Of The Night'. Displaying a heavier feel with a majestic foot stomping rhythm, 'Nightrider' swaggers on its way. A thunderous and raucous romp, 'Nightrider' is heavy NWOBHM at its very best. 'Creatures Of The Night' has a much lighter vibe to it, and is a mid tempo march of rock solid, melodic heavy metal. 'Hellhound' (the album) is a sparkling adrenalin rush, and has a tremendous triple treat of the galloping "foot on the monitor" style heavy metal that has made the NWOBHM genre the great genre it is today. 'Death Avenue' is the first of the triple treat, and also the slowest offering. Yep, the slowest...but it still romps along, all catchy and hooky. 'Attila' is a furious flurry of galloping rhythms and will invoke vigorous head banging as it flies along at high velocity. The catchy chorus break is one hundred percent sing a long able, with the songs infectiousness right off the scale. The third song in the triple treat is the title song, and is simply a high velocity, highly energetic, venomous assault on the senses. From the off, 'Hellhound' hurtles along at break neck speed, never letting up for one second and will invoke head banging of the furious nature. 'Hellhound' (the song) is everything the NWOBHM stands for, and if anyone asks you the question "What does the NWOBHM genre sound like?" - simply play them this album.    
Overall, Monument deliver a breathless tour of the NWOBHM genre, defining the sound of traditional British heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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