Monument are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2011, releasing their debut E.P. in 2012. After two single releases, the bands first full length album 'Renegades' was released in 2014.    
'Renegades' (the album) features ten songs, four of which are from the bands debut E.P. With this release, Monument serve up a treat for any fan of the NWOBHM genre. The barnstorming, fast paced title song 'Renegades' sets the album on its way with awesome guitar riffing and thunderous drums. A superb opening song followed by the Iron Maiden influenced romp 'Fatal Attack', the foot stomping anthemic 'Crusaders' and their first single release, the galloping 'Runaway'.    
The hard rocking 'Midnight Queen' packs a punch with its chunky guitar riffs and foot stomping rhythms, with the instrumental 'Red Dragon' a superbly arranged and delivered romp. Rattling along at pace, 'Red Dragon' displays the excellent musicianship of the band before the power metal romp of 'Carry On' comes crashing in at full tilt and races through to its conclusion.    
'Rock The Night' features the classic twin guitar attack and galloping rhythm synonymous with the NWOBHM and will send you right back to the early eighties when the NWOBHM genre was evolving. The pace slows with the ballad-like 'Save Me', all acoustic guitars and soulful vocals. This departure from the full on fast paced songs is a brave statement from Monument and one that will prove they are flexible, adaptable and not afraid to experiment. So, get your lighters ready!    
Closing the album is the superb, seven minute, epic romp 'Omega'. With a guitar intro that pays homage to legendary British stalwarts Iron Maiden, 'Omega' meanders through rhythms, melodies, time changes and a catchy chorus to produce an aural delight. A very good end to a very good album.    
Overall, fast paced, bombastic and barnstorming, this is a superb release and one that will cement Monument's place at the forefront of the revival of the NWOBHM sound.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For MGR Music Entertainment    
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