Iron Savior are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1996 by Piet Sielck, releasing their self titled debut album in 1997. In a career spanning nigh on twenty five years, Iron Savior have released twelve studio albums and one live opus. 'Skycrest' is the bands thirteenth album and was released in 2020.    
Iconic heavy metallers Iron Savior make a storming return just a year after their stunning twelfth album 'Kill Or Get Killed'. The band are heading for their twenty fifth anniversary since forming, and are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Their blend of heavy metal come power metal has been at the forefront of the genre for many years, lighting the way for many bands to follow. Iron Savior, along with fellow German metallers Rage, are two of the most consistently great heavy/power metal bands ever. Just hearing the news of an album release from either band is good enough for me to get my pre-orders in...    
     what of 'Skycrest' - an incredible twelve songs and one hour in length, a weighty release that offers so much. Opening with 'The Guardian', a customary European style tension filled sub two minute intro, Iron Savior roar into life with the highly energetic title song 'Skycrest'. And immediately a warm fuzzy feeling envelopes the senses as an all time favourite band of mine begin tickling every one of my pleasure zones - this is gonna be good! As I have often stated, some bands ain't ever gonna let you down, and Iron Savior are one such band. Pace quickens as 'Our Time Has Come' blazes a scorching trail across the land, leaving only scorch marks in the dirt. Iron Savior are not reinventing the wheel with this album, but are delivering a top of the range, high efficiency, master class of heavy/power metal. Adopting a more melodic heavy metal stance, 'Hellbreaker' is a majestic march of infectious grooves and hooks - with one almighty sing a long style chorus.    
I haven't stopped smiling since I popped the CD in and pressed play - the anticipation of what's to come, simply overwhelming. Chugging and buzzing, 'Souleater' is the epitome of the classic sound of traditional heavy metal. 'Souleater' is infectious, addictive, and sing a long able - so sing a long able in fact, you'll be singing along to every lyric after just the one listen. Iron Savior don't really need to prove anything to anyone - their back catalogue, festival appearances and tours are the bands legacy. But here they are, delivering the goods for a thirteenth time... 'Welcome To The New World' is melodic, catchy, and infectious, all traits that Iron Savior have in abundance. The band have been torchbearers for many a year, and continue to light the way...    
...for there can be only one Iron Savior - and here they are right now, right here, delivering eargasm after eargasm as only they know how. 'There Can Be Only One' doesn't let the infectious nature slip at all, in fact, it doubles it. The sing a long ability is off the charts, with Iron Savior making a late charge for Album Of The Year. Blistering pace lights up the album as 'Silver Bullet' streaks by at phenomenal speed. The exhilaration and excitement oozing from 'Skycrest' (the album) is stunning, with Iron Savior proving they are not in the twilight of their career. If anything they are in their prime - and have been for twenty five years! And now for a new anthem for a new age. 'Raise The Flag' is big riffing, bold, and thunderous...    
...and will have fans all around the world singing in unison "raise the flag, raise the flag of metal". Iron Savior deliver a rabble rousing call to arms battle cry with 'Raise The Flag'. So whatever flags you have, raise them high and defiantly show heavy metal is here to stay. The most lightweight heavy metal song on the album is also the most infectious and sing a long able. 'End Of The Rainbow' is much more a head nodder than a head banger, yet will still have fans smiling from ear to ear. This has been a sparkling album by the icons of heavy/power metal, yet the band still have a surprise up their sleeve - a power ballad. Yep, you read that right, a power ballad. Regular readers of my reviews will know my stance on ballads on metal albums - but this is Iron Savior. A band that can do no wrong in my opinion. The emotion oozing from 'Erase Your Pain' is breath taking, with flags replaced by lighters. It's like 'Erase Your Pain' is a show stopper, a centrepiece, a big finish to a gala performance - a performance worthy of a standing ovation. Bringing the album to a close is the fast and furious 'Ode To The Brave' - high on energy, high on pizzazz and simply breath taking.    
Overall, a great album of heavy metal come power metal, full of infectious and addictive songs to please the bands massive legion of fans.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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