Kill Or Get Killed

Iron Savior are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1996 by Piet Sielck, releasing their self titled debut album in 1997. In a career spanning over twenty years, Iron Savior have released eleven studio albums and one live album, 2015's 'Live At The Final Frontier'. 'Kill Or Get Killed' is the bands twelfth album and was released in 2019.    
When looking for reliability, you need look no further than German power metal legends Iron Savior. Every time they step onto a stage or leave the recording studio, one hundred percent effort has always been applied by these metal masters. 'Kill Or Get Killed' is album number twelve, and is nothing short of breathless. Furiously fast paced, the album flies into view with the title song 'Kill Or Get Killed'. The instantly recognisable voice of Piet Sielck is on fine form, as are the rest of the band, as 'Kill Or Get Killed' sets new records of speed as it romps on by. Iron Savior have defined the power metal genre for over twenty years and continue to do so, showing many younger and newer bands, how it's done. Having been a fan since their 1997 debut, I always get pangs of excitement when Iron Savior announce a new release, as I just know they will never disappoint. And disappoint they definitely do not, as the new album powers on with roaring thunder, whoops, sorry 'Roaring Thunder' is the title of the song, but boy oh boy does it thunder. Melodic power metal shines through as 'Roaring Thunder' roars on, delivering a foot on the monitor experience and a sing a long style chorus. German power metal is one of the best metal genres in the world, with Iron Savior one of its very best exponents.    
Without a pause for breath, 'Eternal Quest' ups the tempo and energy levels, rocketing off at high velocity. A pulsating and devastating romp of riffage, 'Eternal Quest' is heavy power metal, one hundred percent infectious and a head bangers dream. 'From Dust And Rubble' is a lesson to all newcomers on how to excite the senses of your fans. A huge melodic edge and a sing a long style chorus sees 'From Dust And Rubble' hit the sweet spot dead centre, causing an immense adrenaline rush and a fucking huge smile to appear across the face. Four songs in, I'm tingling all over, and have just turned the volume up a couple of notches, such is the effect that 'Kill Or Get Killed' (the album) is having. Iron Savior are icons, legends in the worldwide power metal scene, and have been for twenty years, and I see absolutely no reason why they won't be for another twenty years. Heaviness is doubled up, as 'Sinner Or Saint' storms into sight and gallops on at pace. Head banging will become more vigorous as 'Sinner Or Saint' moves quickly through the airways, leaving only enjoyment in its wake. 'Stand Up And Fight' is an almighty mid tempo and anthemic rabble rousing romp. Huge riffs stab savagely, ruthlessly pummelling everyone with incredible force. The chant style chorus "stand up and fight" is gonna be a glorious crowd sing a long moment in a live arena.    
The album moves on swiftly with the electrifying pace of 'Heroes Ascending'. One of the fastest songs on offer, 'Heroes Ascending' is full on, full tilt, lightening quick power metal. Yet as always, Iron Savior masterfully inject a huge dose of the melodic, creating an intense and infectious experience for all. 'Never Stop Believing' is a cracking song title, a tad prophetic, a bold three word statement by Iron Savior to "never stop believing" in them. For over twenty years I haven't, and believe that they can do no wrong. 'Never Stop Believing' blends hard rock into the bands signature sound, delivering a pulsating and quite frankly, perfect power metal song. The anthemic sing a long chorus of "we'll never stop believing, always keep on dreaming, and keep the faith and carry on, together we'll be strong" is just fucking brilliant. A monstrously heavy riff breathes life into 'Until We Meet Again', as it settles down to a mid tempo, heavy rock stomp. The slowest and lightest song on offer, 'Until We Meet Again' allows the listener a short breather from the albums electrifying pace and power. The albums final song, 'Legends OF Glory' is a fierce fury of rampant rage, a heavy yet melodic romp of fiery power metal. Iron Savior have delivered, as they always do, an album of brilliance.    
Overall, heavy and melodic power metal has never sounded so good, Iron Savior continuing to prove why they are one of the genres best exponents.    
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