Iron Savior are a heavy metal band from Germany formed in 1996 by Piet Sielck, releasing their self titled debut album in 1997. Eight more studio albums and one live album have since been released, with album number ten, 'Titancraft', released in 2016.    
Since their inception twenty years ago Iron Savior have been setting the world alight with their brand of heavy power metal. They have become one of those unique bands that you can rely on to deliver outstanding albums every time one is written. And 'Titancraft' is no exception. From the opening strains of 'Under Siege', a chilling distress call from a stranded craft, you know something special is about to be unleashed. And special it is, the blistering title song 'Titancraft' hits you square in the forehead, and hits bloody hard. Full of pace and power, galloping rhythms and screaming guitars, 'Titancraft' is classic European power metal. Iron Savior may be twenty years old, but no passion has been lost. Blistering becomes scorching when 'Way Of The Blade' cuts through the airways. Heavier than the opening song, 'Way Of The Blade' is rampant, yet catchy, raging yet infectious and will have you head banging vigorously, with a huge smile of enjoyment on your face. Scorching becomes overwhelming as 'Seize The Day' rattles into life with a guitar sound so awesome the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I remember buying the debut album by Iron Savior in 1997 and the feeling i had listening to that, is the same feeling i have right now...blown away.    
The pulsating and breathless pace of the album shows no sign of letting up as 'Gunsmoke' romps in and stomps of in a blaze of melodic power metal. Foot stomping and head nodding is the order of the day here as the infectious nature of 'Gunsmoke' hooks you. An anthemic style sing a long chorus and you have everything you want in a power metal song. 'Beyond The Horizon' provides a moment of respite from the out and out pace of the album, a mid tempo melodic stomp of catchiness, with a chorus that just begs to be sung. 'The Sun Won't Rise In Hell' storms in and is a rampant romp of heavy yet melodic metal, with a throaty, raspy, mild growl of a vocal delivery. 'The Sun Won't Rise In Hell' is a cracking example of what melodic power metal should sound like. Iron Savior are proving that they are still a major force in the power metal genre, along with (countrymen) Helloween, Grave Digger and Rage. Strap yourself in and hold on tight as a sudden turn of speed sees 'Strike Down The Tyranny' storm in and race off like a rocket. Pulsating and pounding 'Strike Down The Tyranny' is a blistering feast of blazing guitars and galloping rhythms, bringing excitement to the airways.    
'Titancraft' (the album) is turning into one of the best i've heard this year, and believe me i've heard plenty this year so far... 'Brother In Arms' is an epic, majestic, melodic romp of heavy guitars reducing the pace to mid tempo, yet losing none of the infectious. As with 99% of modern day power metal albums, there is always one ballad sneaked in. And here it is, in the shape of 'I Surrender'. Time to get those lighters out and hands in the air, swing from side to side and lose yourself in the moment, as 'I Surrender' is just awesome. With some albums, ballads feel out of place, but not here, mostly because all the albums by Iron Savior tell a story. 'I Surrender' has power, has passion, has just the right tempo and oodles and oodles of emotion. A superb album is brought to a superb close by 'Rebellious' with one of the best lines you could ever wish to hear "they don't have a clue what's driving me and you, the power of the music" and boy oh boy the power of the music on this album is in overdrive. 'Rebellious' has an anthemic style chant of a chorus that the audience will all sing and a galloping rhythm that will keep you head banging andf foot tapping from start to finish. Twenty years on and Iron Savior are as good now as they have ever been, here's to the next twenty...cheers.    
Overall, breath taking and pulsating heavy power metal from one of the legends of the genre, providing excitement and enjoyment with every song.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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