Beast Inside

Control The Storm are a female fronted melodic heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2010, releasing their self titled debut E.P. the same year. A new single, 'Stronger' was released in 2014 with the bands new vocalist and their debut album has just been released in 2015.    
The album contains ten songs, seven new ones and three re-worked, re-recorded versions of the songs that featured on the bands first E.P. The brutal riffing, machine gun rhythms of 'Day Of Days', the thunderous mid tempo stomp of 'No Chance At All' and the catchy hard rock romp 'Twisted Truth'.    
'Hysteric Silence' is the first new song up and it is a thumping slab of hard rock, with a brutal chug, a very powerful lead vocal performance, with a cameo by some death metal growl style backing vocals. A superb intro, a darker feel, rampant rhythms and 'Believe' is off and running. With a catchy chorus, chopping guitars and some memorable hooks, 'Believe' is a cracking highlight off the album. Time to raise your lighters in the air and swing from side to side as 'Falling' meanders in and flows like a river on a calm day, effortlessly.    
What follows is the best song off the album. 'Nothing Hurts' is infectious, full of energy, pace, passion and is up tempo hard rock at its best. 'Nothing Hurts' will have you stomping your feet and nodding your head rhythmically as it careers its way to an end. The power ballad 'Stronger' strides majestically as it builds to a crescendo with some superb keyboards and guitar work. 'False Eternity' is a heavy hard rock romp that oozes power and passion. Containing probably the best guitar solo on the album, 'False Eternity' has a feel good vibe and will most definitely put a huge big smile on your face. The album ends with the bombastic stomp 'Beast Inside', with soaring vocals and brutal riffs. Hard and heavy, it is a thunderous end to an album full of variety and enough bite to make you sit up and take notice.    
Overall, thunderous and bombastic hard rock with strong vocals, superb melodies, relentless and infectious.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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