Control The Storm E.P.

Control The Storm are a female fronted melodic heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2010, releasing their self titled debut E.P. the same year.    
Influenced by bands such as Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, In Flames and British legends Iron Maiden, Control The Storm deliver a powerful, foot stomping brand of heavy metal that is anthemic, infectious and very heavy yet mixed with melodic harmonies, it is also a unique sound. Opening song off the E.P. 'No Chance At All' features a keyboard passage introduction that soon gives way to a thunderous rhythm that stomps and romps along at a mid tempo pace. The vocals are very strong, the chorus is oh so catchy and sing a long.    
'Day Of Days' opens with a brutal guitar riff, and a pounding, relentless machine gun-like rhythm. The vocals are clean and clear and are so suited to this type of melodic heavy metal. The relentless stomp is going to make 'Day Of Days' a mosh pit favourite. Another keyboard passage introduces 'Twisted Truth' that soon gives way to a slow brutal thump, before the song kicks into life and turns into a slab of very hard rock. Yet again, the vocals are powerful and the chorus is catchy. Within the song is a superb mix of guitar and keyboard work, giving the song (and the band) a unique sound that brings no comparison to any other bands, making Control the Storm a truly new sounding, refreshing addition to the heavy metal and hard rock genres.    
Overall, a refreshing, new sounding band that deliver an exciting brand of melodic heavy metal and hard edged hard rock.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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