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The Deceivers E.P.



Winter's Edge are a progressive, melodic, power metal band from the UK formed in 2010 by lyricist/guitarist Jeremy Lawler. After nearly four years of struggle, the band separated with Jeremy retaining the name, hence the band is also known as Jeremy Lawler's Winter's Edge. Rather than start a new band, Jeremy decided to create a project using guest musicians from unknown, local and unsigned bands.    
The bands first release, 'The Ferryman's Eyes' is a concept album looking at the life of a ferryman, through his eyes. Guest vocalists on the album come from differing music genres such as symphonic, death and obviously heavy metal, and include Ian Montgomery (Hole In The Sky), Dave Hartley (Spinning Death Machine), Charley Jones (Sensoria) and Daisy Robinson (Seventh Seeker).    
The second release will be 'The Deceivers' E.P. once again featuring guest musicians from a diverse range of genres, with Jeremy pushing his abilities as a guitarist, lyricist, composer and producer. Lyrically, 'The Deceivers' E.P. deals with how individuals deceive each other, both in life and in death.    
The E.P. brings together many of the musicians featured on The Ferrymans's Eyes album along with new guests Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis), David Marcelis (Lord Vulture), Rick Bouwman (Martyr), Dan Mailer (Kaine) and many more... From the sneak preview that I have heard, the tone of the E.P. is once again epically atmospheric, with superb guitar work and a real dark yet sinister mixed with magic and fantasy.    
Winter's Edge have a March 2015 UK tour lined up with German heavy metallers Thunder And Lightning at which 'The Ferryman's Eyes' album will be played in its entirety along with the strong possibility of one or two new songs from 'The Deceivers' E.P.    
Overall, more magic from the pen of Jeremy Ross Lawler, bringing together a host of musicians to produce an epic masterpiece.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Winter's Edge    
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