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The Guardians Of Our Time Pt.1

Winter's Edge, a progressive, melodic power metal project from the UK formed by lyricist/guitarist Jeremy Lawler, has undergone the biggest change of its career. Gone are the multiple musician line-ups of the past, with Winter's Edge now a band, with a stable five piece line-up. Yes, the new album does feature some special guest performers, however the musical direction of the band is now more defined, with its sound following the path into the progressive metal genre. The music is now heavier and more aggressive than anything the band have previously released, with lead singer Charley Jones delivering a strong vocal performance, ranging from the symphonic to the snarling, spitting venom style. If you're expecting another theatrical and cinematic 'The Ferryman's Eyes' style epic, then you're in for a major shock.    
The past three years has seen Winter's Edge evolve and grow. The new album carries on the fictional concept of the Ferryman, with lyrical themes taking the listener on a journey through life, death, gods, goddesses and space. With just nine songs on offer across a short thirty six minute play time, the album still manages to throw a hefty punch hard enough to knock you into next week. The heaviness on offer will surprise and shock, but will also entertain and please at the same time. Atmospheric and intimidating, 'Open Worlds' sets the album on its way, building to an eerie crescendo, leading into 'Guardians Of Our Time', an almighty guitar riff signalling the return of Winter's Edge to the metal scene. Punchy and pulsating, with snappy and snarling vocals, 'Guardians Of Our Time' is aggressive and in your face, and is a stunning shift in the bands sound from 'The Ferryman's Eyes'. 'Path Of Desperation' sees the band continue with their heavy assault, the guitar riff so heavy it'd stop a wrecking ball mid swing! Singer Charley delivers a superb symphonic vocal performance, and after just two songs in, the wow factor is heading right off the scale.    
Pace quickens with the galloping 'Momentarily', echoing everything great about the traditional British sound of heavy metal. Well done Winter's Edge for remembering your roots... Hammering hard, 'Break It Up' comes to life as near to the thrash metal genre as you can get, calming down to a thundering mid tempo mix of hard rock and progressive metal. Having had the pleasure of reviewing the bands two previous albums, stunned and amazed are the only words I can use to describe the shift in the bands sound. A bold move it is, and one that is gonna reap rewards, attract new fans, and push Winter's Edge to the front of the burgeoning rebirth of British heavy metal.    
Melodic metal still features in the Winter's Edge armoury, with 'Dying Star' a prime example. The pace of a ballad, the heaviness of (Megadeth style) thrash and symphonic vocals that soar and glide effortlessly, 'Dying Star' is a belter, and is the only song that gets anywhere near the "old" Winter's Edge sound. 'Fatal Dreams' picks up the pace and is a bruiser of a ride. Heavy riffing with a thunderous rhythm and a faultless vocal performance, 'Fatal Dreams' is one of my favourites off the album, although it has been very difficult to choose, as all songs on offer are bloody brilliant. 'In The End' explodes into life with a furious flurry of riffs and is so damn heavy that if it landed on the top of a tower block, crushed in a matter of seconds would be the instant result. Bringing the album to a close is the spoken outro 'Through The Ferryman's Eyes', intentionally teasing the listener, drawing them in with a suggestion of another album to come . . .    
Overall, a stunning return to the metal scene, Winter's Edge deliver a bruising and punishing aural assault.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Winter's Edge    
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