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The Ferryman's Eyes

Winter's Edge are a progressive, melodic, power metal band from the UK formed in 2010 by lyricist/guitarist Jeremy Lawler. After nearly four years of struggle, the band separated with Jeremy retaining the name, hence the band is also known as Jeremy Lawler's Winter's Edge. Rather than start a new band, Jeremy decided to create a project using guest musicians from unknown, local and unsigned bands.    
The result is 'The Ferryman's Eyes', a concept album, looking at the life of a ferryman, through his eyes. The guest vocalists on the album come from differing music genres such as symphonic, death and obviously heavy metal, and include Ian Montgomery (Hole In The Sky), Dave Hartley (Spinning Death Machine), Charley Jones (Sensoria) and Daisy Robinson (Seventh Seeker).    
The album is a masterpiece of atmosphere, with a spine tingling power symphonic feel that effortlessly flows between melodic death metal and power metal. The opening spoken word intro 'From Death I Come' is atmospheric, chilling and haunting and leads into 'The Shadows Come For Me' a powerful blast of heavy metal, tinged with melodic death metal. The vocals are very strong, the rhythm is pounding, the guitar solo is sparkling, yet the chorus is catchy and almost sing a long. 'The End' increases the tempo, rattling along with a definite symphonic influence. The tone for the album has well and truly been set with thunderous rhythms, strong vocals and excellent guitar work. Or, so you would think!    
'Fallen' slows the tempo a little, sounding like some of the classic Iron Maiden melodic rock songs, and the addition of a female backing vocalist adds a superb twist to the sound of the song. Too heavy to be a ballad, this song will have hands waving in the air with everyone swinging from side to side in appreciation of a well written, well played and very well executed song. 'Entreaty' is a keyboard instrumental that serves as an intro to yet another twist in the meandering tone of the album. 'Game Of Insanity' features the twin vocal attack of Daisy Robinson and Dave Hartley. The mix of symphonic and melodic death vocals works extremely well, with the chugging, pounding rhythm, awesome riffing and excellent screaming guitar solo making this one of the best songs on the album.    
The symphonic vocals continue on the foot stomping, atmospheric 'You'll Find Your Way Out Of This Darkness' with screaming guitars and a chugging melodic rhythm. 'Foresee Me And Dream' is a thunderous, bombastic slab of high energy, up tempo heavy metal that has all the hallmarks of traditional British heavy metal and a very strong hint of European power metal.    
Overall, a fantastic heavy metal album with strong hints of symphonic and melodic death metal. Excellent guitar work and superb vocals throughout.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Winter's Edge    
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