Rapid Foray

Running Wild are a heavy, power metal band from Germany forming in 1979 releasing their first full length studio album in 1984. Running Wild set the world alight with their powerful and full of pace brand of power metal, paving the way for such iconic countrymen as Helloween, Gamma Ray and Primal Fear. Over the years, Running Wild have been described as the German answer to Iron Maiden...a description that many agree with. During their thirty year plus career, seventeen studio albums, as well as numerous live albums, E.P.'s and videos have been released. With the release of 'Rapid Foray', Running Wild are back and doing what they do best.    
I have been an avid follower of Running Wild since their inception in the eighties at a time when power metal was evolving, following the path set by the masters Accept. Running Wild brought piracy imagery to the fore and the sound they delivered was very much influenced by the NWOBHM and UK legends Iron Maiden. The new album opens in typical bombastic style with 'Black Skies, Red Flag', chugging guitars, galloping rhythms and the distinctive voice of founding member, Rock 'N' Rolf. The overall sound of this album is reminiscent of their mid nineties album 'Masquerade' as evidence by 'Warmongers' a heavier romp of pace and power. The foot stomping and infectious romp 'Stick To Your Guns' has an anthemic style and is bold and brash as it swaggers on its way. Mid tempo in pace, 'Stick To Your Guns' will have you involuntarily tapping your feet and nodding your head.    
Upping the pace, the title song 'Rapid Foray' is a flurry of chopping guitars and rampant rhythms that will have fans banging their heads in one hundred appreciation of classic Running Wild. Ballads have never been the style of Running Wild, and on this album it still isn't, but 'By The Blood In Your Heart' sounds like it should be. Yes, it is a much slower pace and it is majestically anthemic as it walks tall and proud, a ballad it most definitely is not. 'The Depth Of The Sea - Nautilus' is a dark, sometimes moody, atmospheric instrumental that displays the superb writing skills of the band and their musicianship. The classic Running Wild sound returns in the shape of the chugging and rollicking rocking 'Black Bart' with superb NWOBHM sounding guitars and a relentless galloping rhythm. Full of bluff and bluster 'Hellestrified' is a bombastic blast of huge riffing European power metal. Energetic and passionate, 'Hellestrified' is a sparkling example of feel good heavy metal that will put a big smile across the faces of fans everywhere. The same can be said for 'Blood Moon Rising', slightly heavier but retaining that awesome buzzing style guitar sound that Running Wild have made famous.    
The album closes with two of the best songs on offer, two epics that prove just how great a band Running Wild are and why they have been such a major influence on so many bands for so long. 'Into The West' is a chugging, galloping and exciting romp of superb riffs and rhythms with a catchy sing a long chorus. Throughout the album, Running Wild have maintained their longstanding pirate theme, yet with 'Into The West' they have introduced touches of the American wild west...yee haw! A cracking album comes to a close with the epic, eleven minute long 'Last Of The Mohicans'. UK stalwarts Iron Maiden are famous for epic long songs and 'Last Of The Mohicans' ranks up there with some of their best. Running Wild have really excelled themselves here as the song rolls in on the back of a short spoken word intro, acoustics and atmosphere builds as the song takes shape. 'The Last Of The Mohicans' tells a sad story, but in such an epic and majestic manner. Just to hear this one song alone is worth the purchase price of the album.    
Overall, galloping rhythms, chugging guitars and a collection of songs that are just brilliant. Get set to head bang and raise your fists high in the air...this is a cracking ride.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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