Welcome To The Institution


10th Anniversary Edition

Promethium are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2007, releasing 'The Revenge' E.P. later the same year. This was followed by a second E.P. 'Tribute To The Fallen', released in 2009. The bands debut full length album 'Welcome To The Institution' was released in 2010, with sophomore album 'Origins', a 2013 release. Promethium have toured with bands such as Furyon, Beholder and Blaze Bayley. The bands third album, 'Faces Of War' was released in 2017, while an acoustic album 'Revisions', - the bands fourth full length album - emerged in 2019.    
In 2010 - the 21st Olympic Winter Games were held in Canada, the 19th FIFA World Cup was held in South Africa, and the photo and video sharing social networking service Instagram was launched.    
Also in 2010 - the fifth album 'Promise And Terror' by Blaze Bayley was released, the tenth album 'To The Metal!' by Gamma Ray was released, the fifteenth album 'The Final Frontier' by Iron Maiden was released, the twentieth album 'The World Is Yours' by Motorhead was released, and Megadeth celebrated the twenty year anniversary of 'Rust In Peace' by releasing the DVD 'Rust In Peace: Live'.    
And also in 2010 - a new metal band hailing from Lancashire in the UK released their debut album 'Welcome To The Institution'. Formed by guitarists Dan Lovett-Horn, and Rossi Andrew James - known simply as Rossi - Promethium began a journey that has seen the band release four full length albums, perform gigs locally, all over the UK, and in Europe. The band are influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Megadeth, Metallica, and Pantera - with their live shows a hard hitting and energetic barrage of heavy metal to get pulses racing and heads banging harder than they've ever been banged before. The band has seen a number of line-up changes throughout the years, but with founding members Dan and Rossi at the heart of everything Promethium; you can be assured the band are gonna be around for a few more years yet.    
And now in 2020 - a decade has passed since the bands debut album was released - with the band celebrating by releasing a remixed, and remastered version. Well, almost...    
...because the release was delayed a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. So it's really been eleven years since the album's release, although the band have kept the ten year title - 'Welcome To The Institution - 10th Anniversary Edition'. Complete with new artwork, this remixed and remastered edition, features the entire debut album, all ten songs! Along with the added bonus of re-recorded versions of fan favourites 'Visions', 'Nothing', and 'Murder Inc' by the bands current line-up. And as a further bonus, this edition also features the first song ever written by the band 'Sons Revenge' - again re-recorded by the current line-up.    
So if you're new to the band, or a life long fan, this edition of Promethium's debut album is a must have addition to your metal collection. The songs are heavy, even thrashy at times, displaying a very traditional metal feel. And one thing is for sure - the band don't disappoint. Whether it's in the studio or live on stage, the band always give a hundred percent. So what are you waiting for? Go get a copy, and enjoy the fifty minutes of thundering heavy metal that Promethium have on offer.    
Overall, Promethium deliver a remixed, remastered, and "retouched" version of their debut album, chock full of classic sounding, traditional heavy metal.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Promethium    
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