Faces Of War

Promethium are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2007, with their first offering 'The Revenge' E.P. which was quickly followed in 2009 by 'Tribute To The Fallen' E.P. The bands debut album 'Welcome To The Institution' was released in 2010. 'Origins' is the bands second album and was released in 2013, after which the band toured with bands such as Furyon, Beholder and Blaze Bayley, and appeared at the Wildfire Festival in Scotland. 'Faces Of War' is the bands third album and was released in 2017.    
'Faces Of War' is a concept album, with every song war related. The general vibe of the album is one of a slow and steady march into war, with some songs thunderous, some menacing, yet all of them very heavy with a savagery that will leave many listeners bruised and bleeding... Ten songs over forty shuddering minutes, 'Enemies Of Fate' launches the album with some doom style riffing and a snarling, throaty rasp of a vocal delivery. Elements of 'Enemies Of Fate' reminded me of Swedish doom metallers Von Panzer, who recently released their fourth album 'Army', which coincidently was also a concept album, dealing with the horrors of war... But as soon as second song 'Declaration' crashes in, the similarity quickly ends. 'Declaration' is a highly energetic and menacing march, and if you're looking for a snarling, aggressive and in your face album to mosh manically to, 'Faces Of War' is an album that'll fit the bill perfectly. 'P.O.W.' is as heavy as a wrecking ball, and just as devastating as it thunders on its way. The weak and the meek will have fallen by now, but for the die hard, steadfast heavy metallers, the aural punishment is a pleasure, (and no, I don't mean in a BDSM kinda way). The heaviness that oozes from Promethium is excellent for ridding the mind of anger, angst and frustration.    
None more so than the aggressive, in your face head slap, that 'Shell Shock' will inflict upon you. Heavier than two wrecking balls, 'Shell Shock' delivers twice the devastation, leaving only a desolate wasteland in its wake. Heavy, throbbing and full of aggression, 'Shell Shock' is a breathless mosh pit mosh...! '20, 21, 15' introduces the traditional heavy metal sound to the album, more rhythmic and catchy than anything heard previously. Dare I say there are slight touches of melodic hard rock in there too? Okay, I just did... The flexibility of the band to move across genre boundaries is impressive, taking in the progressive and grunge genres as the album trundles on its way. Mean and moody, 'Turncoat' plants its feet firmly in the progressive metal genre as it belligerently bustles on its way. Promethium are delivering a brand of no nonsense, take no shit, don't mess with me heavy metal that takes no prisoners, in any way, shape or form.    
'Stolen Valour' ramps up the heaviness, splattering the airways with savage riffs and thunderous rhythms. Throughout the album there has been musical influences from the doom, thrash, progressive and heavy metal genres, with vocal styles ranging from thrash to death to the clean and clear heavy metal style. Awesome dexterity and flexibility from an accomplished band. 'Final Solution' is an up tempo and energetic thrash metal influenced romp. The heaviest and most head bangingly addictive song on offer, 'Final Solution' finally provides all the ammunition needed to head bang proper. A favourite song of mine off the album, 'Final Solution' is a cracker. 'Kill On Demand' comes a very close second to 'Final Solution' for the title of favourite song. Not as heavy, but oozing energy and bombast from every twang and thump, 'Kill On Demand' will appeal more to fans of traditional heavy metal, rather than the thrash and doom style genres the rest of the album parades in. The title song 'Faces Of War' brings the album to a close in a savage barrage of riffs, ending the album as it began, heavy as fuck!    
Overall, heavy metal of an aggressive nature, that will pound and pummel your senses, relieving you of every ounce of built up anger, angst and frustration.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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