Promethium are a heavy metal band from the UK formed in 2007, releasing 'The Revenge' E.P. the same year, followed in 2009 by 'Tribute To The Fallen' E.P. The bands debut album 'Welcome To The Institution' was released in 2010 with their sophomore album 'Origins', a 2013 release. Promethium have toured with bands such as Furyon, Beholder and Blaze Bayley. The bands third album, 'Faces Of War' was released in 2017, while 'Revisions', an acoustic album, is the bands fourth full length offering and was released in 2019.    
Back in 2017, Promethium were asked to perform an acoustic set at that years SOS Festival in Manchester. Never one to back down from a challenge, the band rearranged a few songs and played the festival. Following the bands performance, the crowd were keen to know when an acoustic album would be released, and two years later, here it is - 'Revisions', featuring re-workings of songs from the bands first five releases - two E.P.'s and three albums - including 'Sons Revenge', the first song the band ever wrote, 'Crashing Down Pt2: Reflections', a song that (sadly) never made it onto the bands first album, and fan favourites 'Visions', 'Enemies Fate', and 'Rain'.    
While most bands never release acoustic versions of their songs, let alone an entire album, some bands will only release an acoustic version as a B-side, or as a bonus track at the end of an album. Maybe taking away the power, the pace, the thunder, and unplugging themselves terrifies them, or maybe they just don't have the confidence that their songs will stand up to an acoustic re-working. Promethium are not terrified, they have the confidence, and the band thoroughly enjoyed themselves re-working the ten songs for 'Revisions'. Fans are gonna be surprised to hear their favourite (Promethium) heavy metal anthems stripped bare, with emotion and passion oozing from every song on offer. Also gone are the growls and the throaty rasp, replaced by soulful, clean vocals - yet every song still immediately recognisable.    
Songs such as 'Shellshock', 'Enemies Fate' and '20, 21, 15' still make a huge impact, even though they are all minus their heavy metal thunder. From their first album, you have 'Tribute To The Fallen', 'Nothing', and 'Murder Inc' - all making their presence felt, feeling like a late night sit down around a camp fire, full of atmosphere and chill, with not a care in the world, just letting yourself go, caught up in the moment. A particular highlight is 'Visions', also from the bands first album, featuring additional female vocals, courtesy of Hannah Morris (who also adorns the album cover), whose vocal delivery is symphonic, and soars high to chill the bones, raising hairs on the forearms and backs of necks such is the effect of her voice. If you're expecting a blood and guts, all out heavy metal rampage, you're in for one of the years biggest shocks - this is ten acoustic songs to relax and soothe you, to wow and amaze you, and to hear Promethium in a completely different style to their usual stance.    
Overall, a bold and confident release from a band not afraid to experiment with their sound - acoustic re-workings of some of their classic heavy metal anthems.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Promethium    
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