Stained Remains



Opensight are a four piece progressive metal band from the UK formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'Prosthetic Soul' in 2008. Two E.P.'s followed - 'The Voice Of Nothing' (2010) and 'Ulterior Motives' (2015). The band have toured with the likes of Acid Reign, Uriah Heep and Slade, performed at festivals all across the UK such as Metal 2 The Masses, MetalBrew, and Pure Rock Fest, and are set to tour the UK in November.    
The band are currently releasing a string of singles before their next album, with 'Stained Remains' as the second release in the string - the first was 'Thunderball', released last month.    
With a flair for epic, tension filled orchestrations, Opensight's new single is stacked high with feelings of horror and suspense. Dark and moody, yet catchy and infectious, 'Stained Remains' hooks you with an unseen, possibly supernatural, force.    
If the British metallers haven't yet had the call to write the soundtrack for the next Bond film following their cover of 'Thundrball', maybe they should move into the horror genre of movie making and compose the score for the next big horror film...    
...can you just imagine Halloween's Mike Myers slashing his victims to an Opensight soundtrack! Or zombies head banging to the band while they devour the world's population! Or maybe, Opensight can play us out at a devastating end of the world apocalypse!    
Overall, an atmospheric and haunting single, 'Stained Remains' is horror tinged, yet catchy and infectious.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Opensight    
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