The Voice Of Nothing E.P.

Opensight are a four piece progressive metal band from the UK formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'Prosthetic Soul' in 2008. The five song E.P. 'The Voice Of Nothing' followed in 2010.    
Five songs of heavy aggressive metal blended superbly with melodic, acoustic and atmospheric moments, the E.P. comes crunching at you with 'Only When', before finding its feet with an almost Pantera-like rhythm, yet the song is broken up with some wonderfully crafted melodic arrangements.    
'Former Heroes' is a heavier, more brutal song that displays traits from the genres of thrash and traditional heavy metal. An acoustic melodic breakdown in the middle of the song confirms that this band is not afraid to experiment with different musical styles when writing songs. With its atmospheric intro and chugging guitar riffs, 'Deleted Scene' displays the talent and versatility this band has and its willingness to expand its sound into new areas.    
'Absolute Truth' is an up tempo song that will keep the head bangers happy. Very much a traditional heavy metal influenced song it is punctuated with a number of short acoustic moments. Final song 'Skeptic's Creed' is a wonderfully crafted song containing every style of music that this band is seeking to achieve - melody, acoustics, time shifts and (of course) heavy metal.    
Overall, an amazing, near growl-like vocal display, crunching guitars and powerful drumming combined with acoustic moments makes this a very impressive release.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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