Opensight are a four piece progressive metal band from the UK formed in 2002, releasing their debut album 'Prosthetic Soul' in 2008. Two E.P.'s followed - 'The Voice Of Nothing' (2010) and 'Ulterior Motives' (2015). The band have toured with the likes of Acid Reign, Uriah Heep and Slade, performed at festivals all across the UK such as Metal 2 The Masses, MetalBrew, and Pure Rock Fest, and have a short tour of the UK booked for the start of November.    
The bands new single 'Thunderball', was released in 2021...    
...and the more eagle eyed among you, may have recognised the title of the bands new single, and the more observant, may have even noticed a resemblance in the single's artwork to a famous fictional MI6 agent... No! Well shame on you, for James Bond is one of Ian Fleming's greatest creations, portrayed by seven actors across twenty seven feature films (as of 2021).    
Thunderball is the fourth James Bond film, released in 1965, starring the late Sean Connery in the lead role, with the film's theme song, sung by the Welsh singer Tom Jones...    
...and right now, fifty five years later, the London based cinematic metallers Opensight, release their rendition of 'Thunderball'. And if you're expecting a "metallized" version, you can go home now! For Opensight have surprisingly, maintained the pace of the original, although have beefed up its bombastic and cinematic nature. Think seventies prog rock - the band echoing a sound that emerged less than a decade after the original was released.    
Should Hollywood decide to remake Thunderball, they would not go far wrong using this version for the film's theme - and using the band for the entire soundtrack. Keep your phones handy Opensight, you never know, Hollywood may be your next call.    
Overall, 'Thunderball' is a highly cinematic and rocking version of the theme song from the classic James Bond film Thunderball.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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