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This Is Hell

Burnt Out Wreck are a hard rock band from the UK formed by ex Heavy Pettin' drummer Gary Moat, releasing their debut album 'Swallow' in 2017. Featuring more boogie than AC/DC, more swagger than David Lee Roth era Van Halen, and harder hitting heavy rock anthems than Whitesnake, 'Swallow' was a roller coaster ride of tongue in cheek banter and risqué innuendos. And now, in 2019, Burnt Out Wreck are back, and belting out more heavy rock anthems with their second album 'This Is Hell'.    
The bands new album is bigger and better than their debut, featuring more groove, more tongue in cheek banter, such as "the woman's got a tattoo on her nick nack paddywack", and more risqué innuendos, such as "she likes it rock hard sticky sweet"... across a fifty minute play time and nine songs. Opening with the highly energetic and bombastic 'Dead Or Alive', Burnt Out Wreck hit the ground running, rocking at high tempo, featuring a feel good party vibe. 'Dead Or Alive' is catchy, infectious and a glorious way to open an album, and from here to the end, 'This Is Hell' (the album) is one long roller coaster ride of hard rock. 'Positive' maintains the albums feel good vibe, and although slower than the opening song, is a harder hitting affair, with a mighty mid tempo foot stomp. In my review of the bands first album, I compared Burnt Out Wreck to AC/DC for a number of reasons, yet with their second album, I should be comparing AC/DC to Burnt Out Wreck.    
Burnt Out Wreck have the groove, the swagger and the boogie, and are setting the standard for this style of hard rock that the rumoured impending album from AC/DC, is gonna have to be something out of this fucking world to better 'This Is Hell'. Old school sleaze rock tongue in cheek banter comes alive with 'Paddywack', a blistering Southern rock style blues infused romp. The energy levels the band inject into their music is astounding, with their live shows a breathless experience. Heavy hitting hard rock of the huff and puff nature takes front and centre with the plodding pummeller 'Headfuck'. Relentlessly rolling on like an out of control steam roller, 'Headfuck' is gonna floor you, and then flatten you, and then roll over you once more for good measure. Goose pimples and raised hairs on the forearms, increased adrenaline levels and blood pumping at a faster rate are just some of the effects of this album, and 'Guitars Electrified' does nothing to abate these effects. A high tempo burst of energy, 'Guitars Electrified' is a foot tapper, a head nodder and a fucking fantastic smile inducing joyful experience. Which is exactly what can be said about the entire album...the title song 'This Is Hell', groove laden to the max.    
'This Is Hell' is a much harder edged song than many others on offer, yet is so infectious you are gonna be hooked from the moment the guitars buzz into life with a sound so synonymous with the legendary, the iconic, NWOBHM evolution, and why wouldn't it, after all Burnt Out Wreck are a British band, with singer Gary Moat a former member of a NWOBHM era band... Now, if you like your rock hard, sleazy and full of risqué innuendos, 'Rock Hard Sticky Sweet' is the perfect song for you. Swaggering sleaze rises high to the surface, "she likes it rock hard sticky sweet" a flash of brilliance, and bettering many of the David Coverdale innuendo laden lyrics of the past. From the moment the album began, the energy and bombast levels have not dropped for a second, the journey a breathless one of hard rock. Lowering the mood to a late evening relaxation, sipping a beer, watching the sun set, 'Just A Dog' is a mid tempo foot stomp, err no, stomp is a little too heavy, maybe march is a better term. Yea, a mid tempo foot march of infectious groove. 'Snow Falls Down' brings the curtain down on a glorious album of punchy hard rock, and sounds like it was written as a concert closer. Maybe it wasn't, but it does have the feel that it is the perfect ending to a great night of entertaining rock, and (obviously) is the end to a very entertaining album.    
Overall, a heavy hitting and fiercely groove laden slice of sleaze, 'This Is Hell' is packed with feel good party rock anthems.    
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