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Interview with Gary Moat


(March, 2017)

Hello Gary, I'm Iron Mathew, pleased to meet you. Tell me, at what age where you when you first started listening to Heavy Metal/Hard Rock? And what bands did you listen to?    
Hello Iron Mathew, all kinds of music from around the age of 10 on, but Status Quo, Queen, Bad Company...loads of stuff.    
Who has been the biggest influence in your career?    
My dad bought me my first drum kit when I was 10.    
Which artists or albums influenced your musical direction?    
70's rock and pop, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Boston, Ted Nugent and so on.    
What are your fondest memories from your days with Heavy Pettin'?    
Being young in a band with your friends and taking on the world.    
After Heavy Pettin' split up, what were your thoughts regarding "what's next", and what did you do?    
Started a family, got a job, kept writing songs and got on with it really.    
With regards to Mothers Ruin, you took on the role of singer instead of drummer, what was behind that decision?    
Well, it wasn't meant to be that way, I was going to play drums but as I was writing the songs it became obvious that I should just sing them, it's easier to find a drummer than a singer anyhow...ha ha!    
And, what has happened to that band?    
Well, I decided to change the bands name to Burnt Out Wreck as there are other bands and stuff called Mothers Ruin in the world and I wanted something original.    
2017 sees you fronting Burnt Out Wreck ... tell me a bit about how that band came together?    
So I went into record some tunes in the studio, myself and Adrian Dunn, my lead guitarist under the banner of Burnt Out Wreck, but I had to find new band members for playing live, so on bass we have Alex Carmichael, on drums we have Paul Gray and on rhythm guitar Miles Goodman.    
What differences are there in the music industry nowadays compared to thirty years ago with Heavy Pettin'?    
There was money in the 80's . . .    
The album 'Swallow' has just been released, what was the idea/concept behind the album?    
No concept, I just had a bunch of songs, old and new, that I wanted to put out to let people know that old men still ROCK!    
Is there going to be a tour in support of the album?    
We will be playing some live shows yes, throughout 2017.    
What was the latest album/albums you purchased?    
Mediaeval Baebes of Kings and Angels.    
And, who are you listening to right now?    
The wife, lol.    
And, moving forward, where do you see Burnt Out Wreck heading?    
Well, I hope we get to play some good gigs and make some new friends, maybe make a 2nd album for next year, who knows?    
And finally, where can fans keep up to date with Burnt Out Wreck news, and also purchase a copy of the album?    
On, or and the album is for sale on Amazon and many more sites all over the internet.    
Gary Moat, Burnt Out Wreck.    
Interview By Iron Mathew Collins    
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