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Burnt Out Wreck are a hard rock band from the UK formed by Gary Moat, ex Heavy Pettin' drummer, and will release their debut album 'Swallow' early in 2017.    
Remember the sleaze rock genre when it boomed in the late eighties with bands such as Faster Pussycat, Ratt and Cinderlla? Remember early David Lee Roth era Van Halen, eighties Motley Crue, UK rockers Whitesnake and Bon Scott era AC/DC? At the time all these bands shared the same kind of vibe, a sexual innuendo trait that was both tongue in cheek and risque at the same time...well, Burnt Out Wreck have exactly that same vibe, with song titles such as 'Pulling It Out', 'She's A Dirty Love' and the title song 'Swallow'. Add in an infectious boogie style groove that AC/DC are famous for and the debut album from Burnt Out Wreck will make you grin, giggle and well as nod your head, tap your feet and sing along to every song.    
Addictive and catchy, Burnt Out Wreck open the album with the self titled song 'Burnt Out Wreck', recreating the sound of the eighties sleaze rock genre, putting a smile a mile wide on the faces of fans everywhere. The striking similarity to the legendary AC/DC sound on 'Swallow' is amazing and at first listen I did think it was actually AC/DC and Bon Scott has been resurrected! 'She's The One' introduces a bluesy feel and a vision of a lazy evening of Southern Rock in a bar in America with clinking beer bottles and dancers on the table. The guitar led, innuendo filled 'Pulling It Out' is a cracking slab of heavy hitting hard rock with a chorus that is one hundred percent sing a long. Buzzing and bustling, 'Talk About Love' is a mid tempo, heavier sounding song that will have you tapping your feet hard, while 'Medusa' is lively and energetic with a huge guitar riff, echoing the sound of the eighties NWOBHM evolution. There may be a massive American heavy rock influence here, but there is also that distinctive British hard rock feel too.    
'Flames' is a bombastic blast of bluesy guitars and a swaggering rhythm with a superb vocal performance, arguably the best on the album. Throughout the album, the guitar solos are crisp and clean and the rhythms range from swaggering to foot tappingly addictive. Heavy rocking and guitar driven, 'She's A Dirty Love' is energetic and lively, and will have you instantly tapping your feet. Lighters at the ready, here comes a power ballad in the shape of 'Your Love (Is All I Need)', delivering a Bon Jovi influenced sound. With a title of 'Rocking Man', you'd expect an up tempo rampant romp, but what you actually get is a swaggering, bluesy Southern Rock romp. 'Rocking Man' is infectious and catchy, and will have you twitching and twisting your body rather than nodding your head. Ending the album is 'Best Of Your Life', another heavy hitting, typically British sounding hard rock song. 'Swallow' (the album) is a good debut and does not have any weak songs.    
Overall, heavy hitting, hard rocking, old school style sleaze rock, influenced by some of the great bands from the eighties such as Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue and Whitesnake.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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