Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops

XII Boar (pronounced Twelve Boar) are a metal band from the UK who released their debut album in 2015 and the follow up in 2016.    
The new album opens with an eerie, crescendo building, atmospheric, almost spoken word story telling intro, that introduces the "triclops" to an eager listener. 'Beyond The Valley' kicks in and is a swaggering blast of very heavy blues based riffing with a deep gravelly vocal performance. XII Boar blend a lot of different influences to create their unique sound and in the shape of 'The Hustle' you have harmonica added to the up tempo, hard rocking, foot tappingly addictive sound. 'Strange Kinda Lonesome' brings the distinctive Southern Rock sound to the fray and images of a saloon bar out in the American desert springs immediately to mind. The versatility of the lead singer to adjust his vocal style to the differing musical sound is just superb.    
Proving that they can rock just as hard as their contemporaries, 'El Mucho Grande' picks up the pace and is a rocket powered, ferocious blur as guitars buzz and drums thunder. 'El Mucho Grande' is the first chance off the album that head bangers have to actually head bang! 'Welcome To Your Doom' is another spoken word, story telling intro that breathes life into the blistering 'Penetrator'. Guitars screech and scream and the vocal delivery takes on a mildly aggressive vibe. Levels of energy and intensity are high as 'Penetrator' seems to fly by in the blink of the proverbial eye.    
The guitar led 'Abyssal Lord' rumbles in and rocks so hard it will drop kick you into next. The guitar sound is the awesome chainsaw buzzing style and with a really gruff vocal delivery 'Abyssal Lord' is a rough and tough sounding song. There is a magical moment halfway through 'Abyssal Lord' ... for those that are familiar with Edvard Grieg and his chilling composition 'Hall Of The Mountain King', a cracking cover. Dropping the hustle and bustle 'Black And Blues' is a doom laden, slow and heavy blues song. A slow swing from side to side and an even slower head nod, 'Black And Blues' is actually a great song.    
Deep, almost growly vocals brings 'Jupiter Aligns' to life and is a hard rocking, melodic song that will have your feet tapping. The rhythm is infectious and the guitar work is sparkling. Lacking pace and thunder, 'Beggars Roost' is a heavy blues sounding song that is all about the guitar work. Heavy guitars and an almost doom metal feel to it, XII Boar have no fear experimenting with their sound. Bringing the album to a close is 'Triclops', the intro echoing the spoken word, story telling intros for 'Beyond The Valley' and 'Welcome To Your Doom'. A foot tappingly addictive guitar riff, the pace is kept slow and the 'Beyond The Valley Of The Triclops' journey is brought to an end.    
Overall, heavy and hard hitting, with influences ranging from the blues to thrash to Southern Rock, this is a varied and interesting collection of songs.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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