XII Boar (pronounced Twelve Boar) are a metal band from the UK who released their debut album in 2015.    
Opening with a boxing event Master of Ceremonies introduction speech, XII Boar open their debut album with the energetic 'Sharpshooter', storming through some raucous riffs and a throaty vocal performance that reminds me of Ted Bullet (vocalist of legendary German band Thunder Head). With a relentless chug, razor sharp guitars and a mild hint of British metal legends Motorhead, 'Young Man' is a superb song full of passion and power with the guitars heavy and the vocals deep and very strong. The rhythm is kind of bouncy and will have you swinging your head back and forth. 'Crushing The P' slows the tempo, ups the attitude, adds brutality and has breath taking guitar work.    
Powerfully aggressive style vocals, cracking clear guitar solos and a rhythm section that is oh so solid, XII Boar have created a sound that has elements from Motorhead, Pantera and Black Sabbath. Any song that has "boogie" in its title, most likely has a blues vibe and 'The Schaeffer Boogie' is no exception. Opening in true blues style, 'The Schaeffer Boogie' soon takes off with a pulsating foot tapping rhythm and could even be classed as melodic blues hard rock. A doom metal style intro brings the title song, 'Pitworthy' to life, all raw and atmospheric, with a mid section showcasing the skills of the band. The song meanders its way through many different styles of music and is a highlight off the album.    
'Crawdaddy Blues' sounds like an old vinyl recording as it guitars its way towards the hard hitting 'Chicken Hawk' which picks up the pace and is a thunderous stomp with vocals that growl, drums that smack you senseless and a screeching, if short, guitar solo. If you need a song to wake you up in the morning then 'Chicken Hawk' is the song you need. With an increase in aggression and attitude 'Battle Boar' takes on a thrash metal vibe with its brutality and in your face vocals. XII Boar are proving themselves a versatile band with delivery of an ever changing sound, leaving the listener intrigued by "what's next?"    
What's next is a fusion of doom and blues...yes, you heard me right, doom and blues. Spliced with more of the same hard hitting sound that the band have made their own 'Rock City' trundles along at a mid tempo pace, with an anthemic chant of a chorus and an infectious, bring a smile to your face, foot tapping rhythm. Bringing the album to a close is the eleven minute plus epic 'Quint'. Similar in style to the long songs that Iron Maiden are famous for, XII Boar fuse all manner of musical styles to create 'Quint'. It will have you banging your head, raising your fists in the air and leave you wanting to press "replay", and listen to the album over again.    
Overall, hard hitting and thunderous, with hints of blues, doom and thrash, 'Pitworthy' is a cracking and varied album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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