Prisoner Of Disaster

Thrash Bombz are a thrash metal band from Sicily formed in 2007 releasing their debut album, 'Mission Of Blood' in 2013. The bands sophomore album, 'Master Of The Dead' was released in 2017, with their third album 'Prisoner Of Disaster' a 2018 release.    
Last years 'Master Of The Dead' set Thrash Bombz on an upward trajectory toward the top of the world wide thrash metal scene. Whilst not quite there just yet, the bands latest offering will add more fuel to their quest, propelling them further skywards with their brand of accessible and head bangingly addictive thrash metal. 'The Order' is a one minute instrumental that builds an edge of your seat atmosphere, paving the way for the title song 'Prisoner Of Disaster' to explode into life. Fast paced with rasping guitars, 'Prisoner Of Disaster' displays the ferocity that icons Metallica brought to the thrash metal genre during the mid eighties. This latest release by Thrash Bombz is a fairly short album, with only seven songs on offer across thirty minutes...    
...but what a thirty minutes! The hauntingly titled 'Apocalypse...Prepare Yourself To Die' increases the heaviness and sets a blistering pace as it screams along at high velocity. With foraging riffs and a galloping rhythm, 'Apocalypse...Prepare Yourself To Die' is an aggression fuelled and savage foray of cracking thrash metal. Launching into life with a terrifyingly dark atmosphere, 'Mafia Demonz' proceeds to scorch the earth as it rockets along. Touches of bands such as (the aforementioned) Metallica, Death Angel and Flotsam And Jetsam are easily detectable within the Thrash Bombz sound. Add a little hint of Testament and Overkill, and there you have all the ingredients that make up Thrash Bombz. Oh and of course, four dedicated and passionate musicians hell their words..."to play Thrash Fuckin' Metal without comprise". And boy do they ever...    
...'T.T.N.S.' (standing for 'The Torture Never Stops') is the shortest song on offer at just three and a half minutes, but what an impact it makes. Much more heavy metal than any other song on offer, 'T.T.N.S.' is fast paced and infectious "foot on the monitor" style thrash, with an addictive chant style chorus. Everyone together now "the torture never stops". Gimme a hell yeah! By contrast, 'Live To Kill' is the longest song on the album, clocking in at over six minutes in length and is an epic journey of top notch, high velocity thrash. The finesse that Metallica brought to thrash metal with 'Master Of Puppets' is a huge influence on Thrash Bombz, an influence they have fully taken on board. It is a real shame that this album is only thirty minutes in length, it's over way too soon, but remember guys and gals, there is always the replay button... For the final song, 'The Headquarter', Thrash Bombz ease off the pace, turning in a performance more akin to the Megadeth style of thrash. Heavy and mid tempo, aggressive and thunderous, 'The Headquarter' steam rolls its way to a conclusion.    
Overall, fast paced and infectious thrash from a rising band, striding to the fore front of the world wide thrash metal scene.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Pure Steel Records    
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