Mission Of Blood

Thrash Bombz are a thrash metal band from Sicily formed in 2007. After releasing an E.P. and appearing on the Sicilian Thrash Attack Of Death compilation album, Thrash Bombz are set to release their debut album 'Mission Of Blood'.    
Opening the album is the intelligently titled 'Mosh Tank', a two minute instrumental that sets the tone for opening song 'City Grave' to come rattling straight at you with its thunderous rhythm, chunky guitar riffing, blistering guitar solo and vocals sounding like early Exodus mixed with Slayer. Picking up the pace is the anthemic 'Thrash Bombz', full of dramatic time changes, screaming guitar solos and great vocals. 'Human Obliteration' continues with the furious pace and is a top notch thrash song as it thumps its way relentlessly to an end.    
Title song 'Mission Of Blood' is frenetic and thunderous with some amazing guitar work. The high tempo 'Command Of Injury' switches effortlessly from top speed thrash to bombastic heavy metal with a thunderous rhythm. This is one of the best songs on the album and should prove to be a crown favourite too. 'Dead Body Hanged' is frenetic and the guitar solos are outstanding. 'Fear Of The Light' rattles by like a freight train, with the furious 'Necrosis' flying by in a blaze of guitars and awesome vocals.    
Dramatic time changes, screaming guitars and a very fast rhythm is the two minute 'A.H.B.' while the talents of the band are shown off in glorious style on the instrumental 'The Curse' before the album is brought to a close with the uncompromising thunderous rhythm of 'Toxic Waste'.    
Overall, thunderous, frenetic and furious thrash metal at a relentless pace, with blistering guitar solos and a great vocal performance.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Temple    
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