Master Of The Dead

Thrash Bombz are a thrash metal band from Sicily formed in 2007 releasing their debut album, 'Mission Of Blood' in 2013. The bands second album, 'Master Of The Dead' is set for release in April 2017.    
The new album shows maturity and growth from 'Mission Of Blood', as the mellow and tension building start to the opening song 'Condemned To Kill Again' shows. Then, with a bang, 'Condemned To Kill Again' becomes a relentless barrage of brutality as shredding guitars and storming rhythms take hold and the thrash metal assault begins. Mid tempo and stomping, 'Ritual Violence' picks up pace and scorches a blazing trail of devastation as the song reaches a high velocity. 'Evil Witches' is sinister and brooding, and thumps hard as the rampant thrash metal machine that is Thrash Bombz continues to stride majestically on. Blistering speed hits the airways as 'Curse Of The Priest' furiously flies by in a flash. The brutal and brash nature of the music reminds me a lot of early Slayer, as does the intensity and the gruff, in your face vocals.    
'Black Steel' introduces a more heavy metal vibe, with guitars that buzz rather than shred, and a slight influx of the melodic too. 'Black Steel' would not be out of place during the mid eighties heyday of the NWOBHM evolution. Fast and furious, the frenetic pace of 'Taken By Force' is breath taking. Time to get moshing head bangers, this is cracking stuff. At nearly eight minutes in length, the title song 'Master Of The Dead' is the longest song on the album and is a sparkling wander through savage riffs and ferocious rhythms. But as the song begins, there is acoustics, atmosphere and tension, that all leads to a full on and thundering thrash metal romp. Super guitar work, heavily intertwined with traditional heavy metal riffs and melodic hard rock rhythms, 'Master Of The Dead' (the song) is a thundering journey that effortlessly swings from thrash to metal and back again.    
With a massive increase in pace and brutality, 'Evoking The Ghost' is thunderous and in your face. Heads will be banging so hard they may just be banged right off shoulders, so best get the address of the local Accident & Emergency Unit handy, just in case. Just when I thought the album had gotten to maximum pace, 'The Avenger' storms in with a vengeance and rattles by at top speed. Bustling with brutality, 'The Avenger' struts its stuff majestically as it shreds its way to a conclusion. Bringing a great thrash album to a close is the fastest song on offer, 'Call Of Death'. The triple salvo that has brought this album to a close is worth the purchase price alone. Thrash Bombz have improved greatly since their debut four years ago, and have released a great thrash metal album that will make people stand up, listen, and take notice.    
Overall, a thrash metal assault that is both breath taking and adrenalin pumping. Thrash Bombz have delivered an album of great thrash to put them on the world map.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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