Psython are a thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2014 releasing their debut album '...Outputs' in 2016 and the follow up in 2017.    
Hatred takes on a whole new meaning when Psython are around, "Hopelessly Aware That Rage Engenders Despair" or 'HATRED' for short...the title of the second album from the British thrash metal band. Displaying more aggression and anger than their first album, 'HATRED' is a ferocious flurry of savagery. Opening the album is the aggressively fast paced, huge monster 'Jormungandr'. Highly energetic and up tempo, 'Jormungandr' demands vigorous head banging as the seething rhythms rampage by. Injecting more pace and more aggression 'Battery Life' is out and out thrash metal of the highest order. A band bringing fresh new energy to the thrash metal genre, Psython are assaulting the airways with savage riffs and thunderous rhythms. Cue violent head banging... The band are clinical in the delivery of blistering guitar solos and rampaging drums, making for an intense and pleasurable listen. 'Teeth' blazes by in a flash, the frenetic pace absolutely breath taking. Raspy and throaty vocals accompany the abrasive and bustling nature of the music, and 'HATRED' is turning in a cracking performance.    
Riffs aplenty with a slight touch of the melodic, 'H.A.T.E.' is a breathless and angry romp of brutality. Foot stomping furiously with snarling vocals and an attitude laden chorus line "I hate everybody and I hope you all fucking die", 'H.A.T.E.' is angry and in your face. Throughout the album, there are hints at the influence of American thrash metal legends Overkill, with the vocals occasionally resembling their iconic frontman Bobby 'Blitz' Ellsworth. 'Chai Latte' is furious, frenetic and full on as it speeds along like the Japanese bullet train. Scorching riffs blaze a trail of devastation as 'Chai Latte' mercilessly stomps on its way. With only nine songs on offer across forty two minutes, 'HATRED' is shorter than most albums released these days, but the sparkling quality of those nine songs massively out ways the albums short length.    
The aggressive style of punk makes its presence felt as 'Ten Pounds' thunders in and rages on, the perfect blend of thrash and punk. A more intense, bordering on the metalcore/deathcore vocal style, adds more aggression to an already aggressive romp. Psython are delivering a savage stomp of thrash metal, making their presence felt at the top level and heading for world domination. Blistering thrash and punk aggression continue on in cracking fashion as 'One Indeed' rolls mercilessly on like a tank rolling in to a war zone. 'One Indeed' also has the best guitar solo of any song on the album. With an upward velocity increase, 'Hashtrap' explodes into life like a guided missile heading for its target...with a lethal and devastating outcome. How much anger and aggression can one band have? The final song arrives and creeps in with a dark and menacing vibe, a terrifying and raspy vocal delivery that sends shivers down the spine, and Psython surprise us all with 'Old Man'. Clocking in at over nine minutes, 'Old Man' is an epic, meandering on its way, with some serious melodic metal and rock, clean vocals and at times a doom metal style feel.    
Overall, aggressive and angry, ferocious and frenetic, Psython deliver a blistering and breath taking thrash metal assault.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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