Psython are a thrash metal band from the UK formed in 2014 releasing their debut album in 2016.    
Bursting with energy, exuberance and attitude, the debut album from Psython packs a had hitting punch that will floor you, hard! Opening up with the rampant 'Careless Whispers' (no relation to the eighties 'Careless Whisper' by George Michael), Psython deliver punk edged thrash metal at a phenomenal pace. Aggressive and attitude laden vocals accompany the furious flurry of riffs and thunderous drums. And although I mentioned 'Careless Whispers' was no relation to 'Careless Whisper', listen carefully as the song closes...hmmm, sounds a little like it, doesn't it! 'Dave 1.1' is high velocity thrash metal with growling vocals that appear to be pushing their limit. Neither death metal, deathcore, metalcore or even screamo, the vocals do sound a little strained but are suited to the aggressive and brutal musical style. 'Blunt' introduces an eighties NWOBHM sounding guitar riff that will have feet tapping and heads nodding. A cleaner vocal style would have suited 'Blunt' better, but 'GBQ' screams out for the growling, howling screech. Full of pace and brash bravado, 'GBQ' is rampant and raucous.    
The band sound like they're having fun and enjoying themselves, and in a live arena I'm sure they are entertaining too. 'Trust In Us' is a short blast of aggressive, in your face, growling thrash metal. Thunderous as it thunders by in a flash, Psython seem to excel with the shorter, high velocity, high intense songs. In fact, there are only two songs out of the dozen on the album that exceed four minutes in length. One of them is the superb 'DNA'. With yet another nod to the evolutionary NWOBHM movement of the eighties, 'DNA' is a mid paced, heavy, hard rock song that does have a melodic undertone to it. 'Serpentes' is an instrumental song that has a dark and moody feel to it as it wanders on its way, almost losing its identity during the mid section, but it does remain heavy, bordering on the doom metal style. Thankfully, the aggressive pace returns as 'Opposition' takes flight and melts the airways with attitude.    
Indeed, it is attitude and aggression that fuels this debut release, with many of the songs getting the adrenaline flowing. Pace, power and enthusiasm keeps the momentum rolling, and in the shape of the raging 'Meltdown' you have an aggressive song that sees the vocals pushed to the limit and sound more strained than anywhere else on the album. That said, the punk edged style of heavy metal on offer here does scream out for this kind of vocal style. 'Fatality' is out and out brutal aggression, delivered at break neck speed. In fact, with so much speed and pace on the album, all twelve songs are done and dusted in just forty one breath taking minutes... The album closes with raging and ranting 'gRAPEfruit'. One of the fastest songs on offer, 'gRAPEfruit' is a brutal blast of thrash metal fused with punk and is also high on intensity with an abnormally high amount of energy too.    
Overall, high velocity, high intensity punk edged thrash metal, delivered at pace with aggression and an in your face attitude.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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