The Rising

Omery Rising are a traditional heavy metal band from the USA, founded in 2007 by bass guitarist Michael McClanahan.    
Omery Rising came to prominence in 2013 with the release of their self titled debut E.P. with the promise of "bringing back the sound of traditional heavy metal to the people". The five song E.P. was well received and also delivered their promise. Following a musical disagreement within the band, they parted ways with their singer and brought in (former White Wizzard) singer Joseph Michael and released the 'Lady Snow' single. 2015 will see the release of their debut album 'The Rising'.    
Eerie, spooky and chilling is the best way to describe the intro to 'House On Hunt Street' as the album creeps in before the song changes tempo and you realise that Omery Rising are back...and firing on all cylinders as 'House On Hunt Street' displays all the hallmarks of traditional heavy metal. Rampant rhythms fused with melodic metal and your head will be nodding in appreciation. 'Lady Snow', the first single off the album, is a thunderous, old school heavy metal romp with a meandering guitar intro and a Manowar-esque anthemic feel to it. Upping the tempo and intensity is 'March Of Madness' with some great guitar work and a jack hammer style rhythm. Very much reminiscent of the early NWOBHM style, Omery Rising play with passion and a desire to please, and please they will do with this album.    
Instrumental 'Metal Holocaust' has a sound similar to British legends Black Sabbath as it stomps majestically along, mid tempo pace with heavy guitars and a pulsating, pounding rhythm. Quickening the pace is 'Out Of Time', displaying some blistering guitars and rampant drumming while 'Sea Of Dreams' slows the pace, introduces some acoustic passages and an almost doom metal feel at times. Ballad like as the vocals float in, but not enough to raise your lighters, 'Sea Of Dreams' swings effortlessly from its ballad like feel to a metal stomp a few times and then like a rocket, powers off at top speed, guitars blazing.    
'The People's Temple' is another high tempo, high energy romp, full of pace, guitars and top notch vocals. In my previous review of their ('Lady Snow') single release, I stated that new vocalist Joseph Michael was better suited to this type of music. And this album just proves how right I was. Flexible, versatile and experienced, the vocals match every swing and every curve that this album takes. With a guitar riff intro straight from the early eighties NWOBHM movement, the title song 'The Rising' is going to be a classic. It has that old school feel, it has the ability to tap your feet and bang your head as though it is the most natural thing in the world and will most definitely bring a smile to the face of all those old school metal heads (just like myself) as well as a new army of fans. Closing the album is 'Warzone', the fastest offering here, with blistering guitars, infectious melodic moments and a catchy chorus. A great end to a great album full of classic sounding heavy metal that will have you head banging for a long time.    
Overall, hard rocking, old school style heavy metal with pace and power, Omery Rising are definitely on the rise with this album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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