The Little Things That Matter

In Vain are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2004 releasing their debut album in 2009. Their second album was released in 2012 with their third, 'The Little Things That Matter' released in 2014.    
Every once in a while, along comes an album that simply blows you away...and here is one of those. From the moment the opening riff for 'No Future For The World' resonated in my ear drums, I knew this was gonna be a brilliant album. The ferocity of the opening song doesn't just hit you square in the forehead, it bloody knocks you over . 'No Future For The World' is high speed, urgent thrash metal with a dash of power metal thrown in. Superb vocals accompany the blistering pace and breath taking rhythm. The pace quickens with 'Dragon Huntress' but amazingly it has a huge smattering of melodic influence too. A ferocious pace, clean powerful vocals and 'Dragon Huntress' is one of the most catchy and fast paced thrash metal songs i've ever heard. With no let up in pace, 'From My Cradle To Your Grave' thunders into life like a jet fighter speeding to war. Higher pitched vocals, a catchy chorus with an all too infectious head banging vibe In Vain are delivering a powerful, knock your socks off album.    
With a sudden change in sound and direction, 'Serenity Valley' opens with a blues style guitar intro that you would more than likely hear in a saloon bar in Spain, rather than on a thrash metal album. But no need to worry, after just forty five seconds a screaming guitar shred slams you against the wall and 'Serenity Valley' blazes a trail of devastation as it races off at speed. The ferocious intensity is there for all to hear with its adrenaline pumping, take no prisoners attitude. For those of you that have had the pleasure of listening to the debut releases from legendary German band Helloween (that's the ones before the landmark "Keeper" albums), you will understand when I say that In Vain deliver the same brand of urgent, up tempo, high energy thrash metal. 'The Ballad Of Lucifer' is no way a ballad with its blazing guitars, throbbing backline and powerful, clean vocals. If your neck is not yet hurting from head banging, you aren't head banging hard enough. Music this pulsating will have the mosh pit moshing 'til the cows come home.    
'Guardian Angels' drops a gear, but is still fast paced, bold and aggressive thrash metal. An acoustic passage introduces the brutally aggressive 'King In The North' which ups the pace again, with blistering guitar work and venomous style vocals. In Vain are a treasure, not the holy grail, but they do come damn close. Powerful, ferocious and urgent thrash metal played with passion from skilled musicians results in songs like 'Pipa's Song'. A thunderous pace with a jack hammer style rhythm and another in your face, venomous vocal delivery, 'Pipa's Song' savagely cuts and thrusts its way through the airways. 'The Last Waltz' is a fitting end to a superb album. Beginning with a slower, atmospheric vibe, it quickly builds and then takes off at breakneck speed, echoing everything that In Vain stand for. It is a ferocious end to a ferocious album which will have you reaching for the "replay" button.    
Overall, ferocious and urgent high speed thrash metal that is just breath taking. Be prepared for an aggressive, brutal and exhilarating listening experience.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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