In Vain are a heavy metal band from Spain formed in 2004 releasing their debut album in 2009. Their second album was released in 2012 with their third, 'The Little Things That Matter' released in 2014.    
Four years ago, In Vain launched a ferocious attack on my ears with the release of their third album 'The Little Things That Matter'. Fully recovered from that attack, I am once again in the firing line as In Vain come hurtling toward me with their new album 'IV'. Moving at high velocity, 'IV' is full on, in your face and intense power come thrash metal. Be prepared for some seriously violent head banging that is gonna test your neck muscles to their limits. 'The IV Legion' is a one minute gentle introduction to the album, setting an atmospheric aura of anticipation...and then boom! The album gets underway proper with the explosive 'Blood & Steel'. Rocketing off at high speed, 'Blood & Steel' sets an electrifying pace as it hurtles forward, full of intense energy and purpose. And for the next forty minutes there is no let up either, with 'Frozen Wings' cutting a savage path through the airways. The Spanish four piece blend together the genres of thrash and power metal to perfection. The resulting output is a fiery, fierce and ferocious onslaught.    
If you're looking for a ground breaking, genre changing album, this isn't it. 'IV' is a thrilling thrash metal ride that will blow even the thickest of cobwebs away. Heads will be just a blur as the album flies by at break neck speed. 'The Void Inside' is one of the heaviest offerings on the album, so menacingly heavy that lesser mortals will be running for cover. Seasoned metal heads however, will be standing tall and chanting "is that all you've got?". The answer is a resounding "no", as In Vain keep their feet hard down on the accelerator with 'To Be King'. To say that this album is infectious is probably one of the biggest understatements I could make. It has been on constant rotation for a few weeks now, with every play, generating a huge adrenalin rush. Blood pumping through veins, hairs raised high on arms and head banging of the vigorous nature accompanies 'A New Beginning'. A rampant and raucous romp of very fast heavy metal, 'A New Beginning' is gonna have the mosh pit in an absolute frenzy. Beware those of you that are not prepared, you have been warned!    
'In Vain' glides in on a short melodic (and yes, I did just say melodic) passage before lurching forward with urgency and intent. The exhilarating pace that In Vain deliver this album at is astounding, and yet, in amongst all that speed, there are catchy moments, such as the amazingly sing a long able style chorus of 'In Vain'. 'Through Our Veins' sets a pace so quick that the sound barrier is in danger of being broken. The rampant romp that In Vain are serving up is an out and out head bangingly addictive experience that will leave you short of breath. 'The Huntress Legacy' is the most heavy metal sounding song on the album, yet doesn't lack any pace at all, and easily fits into the speed metal genre. As the album hurtles to its end, the final hurrah is the fastest song on the album, delivered at a neck snappingly quick pace. 'Assembled For War' is the shortest song on offer, flying past in just under three minutes, but the effect it has is immense, and may just leave some bruising, such is its savage and brutal nature. A barn storming end to a cracking album.    
Overall, In Vain have delivered a breathless forty minutes of ferociously fast paced power/thrash metal, head bangingly addictive and a joyous listen.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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