Back To The Warehouse E.P.

Infrared are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 1985 releasing their 'Recognition In Power' demo in 1988. The bands first full length album, written shortly before the band disbanded in the late eighties, was released in 2016. 'No Peace' was full to the brim with classic, eighties sounding thrash metal, and in 2018, the band released their second album 'Saviours', featuring eight brand new songs. 'Back To The Warehouse' is a five song E.P. and was released in 2019.    
Infrared encapsulate everything great about the late eighties thrash metal evolution. Their sound, urgency and aggression matches anything that was released during those glorious evolutionary years, with their latest release standing tall and proud, shoulder to shoulder, with any of the "big 4" and also their fellow countrymen Annihilator and Exciter. 'Back To The Warehouse' E.P. contains five songs, four new and one belter of a cover song - more about that later...    
A touch of prophecy perhaps, or a bold statement by the band, Infrared get their new release off to an explosive start with the rampaging 'Meet My Standards'. Their brand of thrash is uncompromising and unrelenting, setting a high standard for all comers to match. 'Meet My Standards' pulsates with every guitar twang and drum thump, pummelling the senses as it hurtles along at pace. Legendary bands such as Testament, Death Angel and Annihilator are masters of melodic thrash metal, with Infrared emanating their mastery. 'One Mouth Two faces' brings a more mid tempo melodic Megadeth style thrash to the fore. Heavy on the guitars, 'One Mouth Two Faces' is a mildly aggressive foot stomp that will stamp all over you. Increasing the heaviness 'Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow' launches forth with aggression and intent. More menacing than the opening double, 'Hate Today, Despise Tomorrow' has a dark feel, retaining the E.P.'s overall addictiveness.    
'Animated Realities' chimes in at over six minutes in length and is a fiery foray of feisty thrash. Full of pace and urgency, 'Animated Realities' is the least melodic offering, delving into the harsher, more demanding style of thrash metal. The final song on offer is a cover of the classic Iron Maiden song 'Wrathchild', from the bands 1981 album 'Killers'...and what a cover it is. Now, if you're thinking Infrared are gonna go all thrash metal and force their sound upon 'Wrathchild' - think again. The band have kept true to the pace and feel of the original, with their version actually one minute longer than the 1981 album version by Iron Maiden. What a corker of a cover.    
Overall, a glorious swagger of melodic thrash metal, heavy on the guitars with an infectious nature that will have you involuntarily head banging along.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Asher Media Relations    
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