No Peace

Infrared are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 1985 releasing their 'Recognition In Power' demo in 1988. The band, unfortunately, went their separate ways soon after when "life" took over and nothing has been heard of Infrared until 2016 with the release of their debut album 'No Peace. All the songs on the new album were written in the mid eighties and have now, after 27 years, finally seen the light of day.    
Any thrash metal band born in the mid to late eighties will always be compared to the Big 4 of thrash, however, i would compare the sound of Infrared to bands such as Heathen, Flotsam And Jetsam and Forbidden. With the classic thrash metal sound 'No Peace' is an album of old school thrash metal, which comes as no surprise as all the songs on the album were written between 1985 and 1988. Opening the album is the two and a half minute instrumental 'Inframental' which bludgeons its way into your head and decimates your senses with its heaviness. 'Inframental' sets the tone of the album and what follows is sheer bliss as, okay some may see this as a trip down memory lane or a "retro" album, but i see it as an introduction to what the thrash metal sound was evolving into during the eighties. With speed and precision, buzzing riffs and thunderous rhythms, and a gravel edged vocal style, 'T.O.C.' kicks the album off in blistering fashion. Catchy and memorable with a small hint of a melodic undertone, 'T.O.C.' is a great song.    
The title song 'No Peace' is a foot stomping, anthemic style romp of buzzing guitars and infectious rhythms, 'My Good Will' ups the energy and intensity, displaying some mild brutality as it rockets on with 'Social Science' taking on a more mid tempo stomp. The trademark buzzing guitar sound is still there, however 'Social Science' does introduce more screech and scream from the guitars as the band experimented and explored new ground with their sound. With an increase of pace, 'Cliché' is up tempo and delivers a burst of energetic thrash to excite the senses and violently bang your head. Full of attitude laden vocals with an aggressive delivery, 'Cliché' is raw, blunt and full of grunt. 'Some Kind Of Disease' keeps the album rocketing along with a chopping guitar style and galloping rhythms. Both 'Cliché' and 'Some Kind Of Disease' will keep the mosh pit moshing frenziedly for a long, long time. The guitar sound of the NWOBHM style was a distinctive buzz, and in the shape of 'Down Below', the opening riff owes its sound to it. 'Down Below' has much in common with the NWOBHM sound as it chugs and chops its way through memorable hooks and licks all the while maintaining that galloping rhythm that revolutionary legends Iron Maiden are most famed for.    
With a superb, rambling acoustic style guitar intro, the six and half minutes plus 'Untimely Storm' sidles in before it changes its style and sound, taking a leap, fairly and squarely into back into the thrash metal genre. Pace and power with buzzing guitars and that signature gravel edged vocal delivery and Infrared are doing what they do best. With six and a half minutes to fill, there is plenty of guitar work and solos to enjoy. And enjoy it you will! One of their most famous songs 'Thoughts Caught (In Between)', which made its first appearance on the '88 demo, is also one of the best. Delivering the fast paced, buzzing sound with a melodic edge that Metallica and Anthrax developed during the mid eighties, Infrared and 'Thoughts Caught (In Between) stands shoulder to shoulder with these two iconic bands. Bringing the album to a close is the gentle, acoustic laden, meandering 'In Search Of' which experiments with its guitar sound as it buzzes and bristles its way to a conclusion.    
Overall, classic sounding, old school thrash metal from an era when thrash was still evolving, this album is a cracking introduction to the mid eighties thrash metal sound.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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