Infrared are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 1985 releasing their 'Recognition In Power' demo in 1988. The band wrote songs for a full length album, but unfortunately disbanded shortly after...and in 2016, that debut album finally saw the light of day, 27 years after it had been written. 'No Peace' was full to the brim with classic, eighties sounding thrash metal, and now, in 2018, the band have released a second album 'Saviours', featuring eight brand new songs.    
Retaining their eighties thrash metal style, Infrared launch their sophomore album with the heavy hitting 'Project Karma'. Mean, menacing and colossally heavy, 'Project Karma' meshes together the classic sound of eighties era Metallica and Megadeth. Chiming in at over six minutes in length, 'Project Karma' is gonna be an immediate like for any fan of the eighties Bay Area thrash metal sound, and before anyone says anything, yes, I know the band are from Canada! I was fortunate to have been around at the time of the eighties thrash metal evolution, an amazing era and one that is re-lived through every song that Infrared serve up. The aggressive and hard hitting 'The Demagogue', is a thunderous slice of power/thrash metal to get the adrenalin pumping through the veins. The eight songs on the album are spread across a lengthy fifty minutes...    
...with four that exceed the six minute mark and one that stretches beyond a staggering seven minutes! Marching with poise and swagger, 'Saviour' is a menacing foot stomp that shudders the ground it stamps on. More mid tempo than the opening double shot, 'Saviour' is extremely heavy and will leave only desolation in its wake. 'The Fallen' has a short, haunting guitar intro, building to a more sinister and moody sound, that actually reminds me a little of the seventies style of Alice Cooper, lol, just a little... Heaviness then breathes fire and rage into 'The Fallen' and the listener is pounded with a savage barrage of riffing, so savage that mild bruising may appear. I still can't that Alice Cooper comparison outta my mind, especially across the chorus, sounding so much like the iconic rock legend. With a sudden and ferocious increase in pace, 'All In Favour' scorches the ground as it flies past. Time for some serious head banging as the break neck speed paced 'All In Favour' runs amok, and with its chant style chorus, it is surely gonna become a mosh pit favourite...    
     will the anthemic styled seven minute plus 'They Kill For Gods', a menacing foot stomp of wrecking ball heaviness. The attitude and angst laden thrash metal style of Megadeth is a definite influence on 'They Kill For Gods'. A pace changing romp of savagery, 'They Kill For Gods' is a thrash metal gem, featuring everything the thrash metal genre has to offer. Introducing elements of the iconic NWOBHM sound, 'Father Of Lies' has a classic and traditional sounding, underlying guitar riff. Full of menace and anger, 'Father Of Lies' majestically marches on. Bringing their sophomore album to a close is the bustling and belligerent 'Genocide Convention'. Full of thunder, lightning, fire and brimstone, 'Genocide Convention' is the heaviest song on offer and also has some of the fastest shredding heard on the album. Violent and vigorous head banging will accompany this one.    
Overall, a savage and brutal journey of eighties inspired thrash metal, laden with heaviness and menace, heads will be banging hard from start to finish.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Metal Gods TV    
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