Watching You



The Creptter Children are a gothic/industrial hard rock band from Australia, formed in 2006 by Iballa Chantelle and Nator (aka N8OR). They describe their unique sound as "nightmares put to music". Their debut album 'Possessed', was released in 2010 and now in 2016, the band release their brand new single.    
'Possessed', the album, was a solid album of atmospheric and tension filled gothic, horror and heavy metal influences. The brand new single, the bands first official release in over six years, takes on a much more heavy style with a leaning towards aggression and attitude topped off with a haunting, almost eerie under tone.    
The theme of the new single, 'Watching You' is of a fantasy adventure back to a time of ancient Egypt where Gods, demons and sexual goddesses once ruled the world. The focus of the main character is to find inner strength to rise up and overcome religious propaganda and eliminate her evil oppressor.    
The trademark sound of lead singer Iballa is so evident and familiar, however the musical style of The Creptter Children has evolved and taken on a much heavier style and is much darker than ever before. With vocals that are sometimes venomous and guitar riffing that is so brutal you may end up hospitalised, 'Watching You' is mean and moody and will have you stomping your feet in delight. Gone are the pop influences from their debut album and with the replacements producing a heavier, more brutal and aggressive style, I for one am really looking forward to next year when an E.P. is due for release...    
Overall, heavy, dark and sinister, 'Watching You' is a massive and very impressive progression in the musical style of The Creptter Children.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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