The Creptter Children are a gothic/industrial hard rock band from Australia, formed in 2006 by Iballa Chantelle and Nator (aka N8OR). They describe their unique sound as "nightmares put to music".    
Their debut album, 'Possessed', released in 2010 is a solid album of atmospheric and tension filled gothic, horror and heavy metal influences with the vocals led by the seductive Iballa and supported by the impressive musicianship of N8OR,    
"Welcome to my world, I hope I didn't scare you all away" claims vocalist Iballa as the opening song 'Feel My Pain' gets underway in atmospheric style before bursting with high octane energy and a buzzsaw guitar sound. Iballa has an immense vocal range and this is showed off to the full on this impressive opening song. The energy continues with the heavy rock sounding 'Picking On Me' and 'I Live', the latter a sensationally haunting vocal delivery that will send a shiver down your spine. Pace slows for 'Love Hurts' with it's melodic style intro, infectious grooves and a superb, passion filled vocal performance.    
Standout song 'In My Dreams' is chillingly sung as it opens in an eerie and almost spooky style, sending a shiver down your spine with its darker musical style. Add some high pitched screams and a foot tappingly addictive rhythm, 'In My Dreams' is a cracking song. 'The Bridge' lifts the atmosphere and is a hard rocking, solid melodic rock song with Iballa's unique vocal style and sound becoming mesmerising. 'High' follows in much the same vain and is a top quality rock song. Title song 'Possessed' brings this impressive debut effort to a close with its raucous rhythms and infectious melodic stomp.    
Overall, both Iballa & N8OR are accomplished musicians, with every song beautifully written, constructed and played. All eight songs on the album deserve their place - there are no fillers here.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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