Interview with Iballa


(January, 2018)

Hello, I'm Iron Mathew, how are you?    
Greetings. Aside from dying of heat from the Australian summer, I'm pretty well thank you.    
Which bands/artists first introduced you to music?    
I would honestly have to say my mum first introduced me to music. She would play all these Spanish rock & roll bands to me as a child. I think she definitely played a big part in me wanting to become a musician.    
And which bands/artists inspired you to become a musician?    
When I was about 7, I would get up early to watch the music video programmes on TV. As soon as I saw bands like Poison and Warrant, I wanted to be just like them. N8OR was very inspired by Angus Young in his early years. As I moved into my teenage years I became more influenced by artists like Marilyn Manson and bands like Cradle Of Filth.    
If you had to pick an artist, or indeed an album, that has influenced the musical direction The Creptter Children has taken, who/what would that be?    
I'm influenced by many different things. As far as picking one artist, this can be quite tricky. I can say Marilyn Manson overall has definitely played a big part of my musical inspiration. Alanis Morissette, Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir are also other big influences too.    
The new E.P. 'Asleep With Your Devil', has just been released. What was the concept behind it?    
'Asleep With Your Devil' I would say is more of a taste of what is going to be coming out next!    
The music video for 'Asleep With Your Devil', how did you come up with the idea for that?    
As someone who is very into the supernatural, I find a lot of ideas and inspiration from such topics. The song itself is about how brainwashed and manipulated society can be, especially when it comes to religion, the media, money and the government. I wanted to bring this across in an artists way as much as possible in the music video.    
And how do you continually come up with new ideas for the lyrical theme of songs?    
I've never had any issue being stuck for ideas. My brain works non stop! I think when you're a creative type you tend to think a lot and things just come to you.    
Is there anything you do outside of music that contributes/inspires you, to write new songs?    
My interests in the occult, the supernatural and the existence of aliens. Art, history and anything weird inspires me.    
What was the latest album/albums you purchased?    
The last album I got was actually given to me by a friend, 'To Mega Therion' by Celtic Frost.    
And, who are you listening to right now?    
At the moment I'm favouring Rotting Christ, Emile Autumn and Septic Flesh.    
So when fans attend a Creptter Children gig, what will they experience?    
A feeling of positivity, high energy and being able to be themselves in a comfortable non judging environment.    
And during a live performance, should either of you make any kind of mistake, how do you handle it?    
I personally keep on playing and pretend like nothing has happened, even though I'm screaming at myself on the inside! We pretty much all just do the same really.    
Tell me, what drives you to keep going, playing and performing?    
Empowering and inspiring other women. Being able to be freely creative and express my inner self, as well as knowing that people are enjoying my music.    
If you could play anywhere in the world, at any venue, or at any festival - where would it be?    
I would love to be able to play at the Wacken Festival. I know N8OR wishes to be able to play at Madison Square Gardens in New York.    
And, moving forward, where do you see The Creptter Children heading?    
Continuingly working hard, bringing out more albums and doing more tours.    
And finally, where can fans keep up to date with Creptter Children news, and also purchase a copy of the new E.P.?    
By joining our mailing list, through the website ( and on all of our social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.    
Thanks for your time.    
Interview By Iron Mathew Collins    

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