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The World Enslaved

Wreck-Defy are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 2016 by guitarist Matt Hanchuck, releasing their debut album 'Fragments Of Anger' in 2017. The bands second album 'Remnants Of Pain', was released in 2019 and featured former members of Annihilator and Testament - Aaron Randall (ex Annihilator) on vocals and Greg Christian (ex Testament) on bass guitar. Remaining together, this line-up released the superb 'Powers That Be' in 2020. The band have built a reputation for fast paced and aggressive thrash - with fourth album 'The World Enslaved' emphatically reinforcing this...    
...despite two line-up changes - a replacement drummer and singer - the band remain a fierce and furious outfit. The new album comes hot on the heels of last year's exceptional 'Powers That Be'...can the band better it? You better believe they can - for 'The World Enslaved' is ten minutes longer than its predecessor, and ten times more aggressive! Quickly into its stride, the album explodes into life with the fast and furious 'Bring It All Down'. A thunderous rampage of savage thrash is about the only way to describe 'Bring It All Down', the break neck speed violently banging heads back and forth. What a way to open an album! And what a way to follow it up - with a faster and thrashier offering! 'Fashionably Offended' raises the aggression level, and is a ferocious thrash metal assault. Cuts and bruises are gonna be inflicted in the most savage manner, with a visit to your local A&E a very good idea. The crushing style of melodic thrash of bands such as Testament, Annihilator, and Death Angel is most definitely in the Wreck-Defy veins - 'Obey' slamming the brakes hard, taking a more heavy foot stomping path compared to the albums opening double salvo. 'Obey' does change pace to become a more up tempo thrash romp, but 'Obey' is a sign of the diversity of the bands sound.    
But there's no need to worry about how diverse - the root sound of Wreck-Defy is definitely thrash. Setting the world alight with an explosive display of fireworks, 'Crushing The Coward' is a fast paced belter. A barn storming and breathless avalanche of ferocious thrash metal, 'Crushing The Coward' is aggression driven and full of attitude as it scorches on by. With no let up in the aggression level, 'Towing The Line' is a blistering "heavy metal" inspired thrasher - even down to the traditional metal scream heard during the songs first ten seconds! The band blending traditional metal and thrash with absolute ease, seamlessly progressing from one style to another. And talking of differing styles, 'I'd Share Your Grave' hints at doom style Black Sabbath, along with err, um, ahem, power balladry! Could this be a thrash metal ballad? Well, they do exist - Testament have done one or two, and Metallica have certainly done their fair share. But honestly, there's no need to worry 'bout Wreck-Defy going soft - an emphatic change of pace and tempo during the songs mid-section proves the band are still a thrash metal band at heart. Phew! Featuring a classic piece of dialogue from the 1986 Clint Eastwood epic 'Heartbreak Ridge', 'Death By War' is a pummelling slice of aggression fuelled thrash, very heavy, laden with attitude, and guaranteed to make every head in every mosh pit bang hard - "I think war's just been declared".    
Blistering pace lights up the album in the mighty shape of 'Moment Of Clarity', again melding a traditional metal feel with the bands thrash metal roots - but don't get me wrong, the pace and overall sound of 'Moment Of Clarity' is definitely coming at you from the thrash metal genre. Wreck-Defy, as a band, are just six years old, yet already have four albums under their collective belts! Their meteoric rise in such a short space of time is nothing short of spectacular, keeping Canada firmly on the world map for thrash metal - the new album cementing Wreck-Defy's place at the forefront of the genre. 'Form Of Release' is a thundering slab of thrash, maintaining the albums intensity, and ensuring heads are gonna be nodding violently for a little while longer. 'Cause yes readers - 'The World Enslaved' ain't over yet! The final song 'Kill The Pain' is a show stopper to end all show stoppers. With a Megadeth style of thrash rather than Testament or Annihilator, Wreck-Defy proceed to pummel the senses with a blistering barrage of savagery. And when 'Kill The Pain' changes pace, all hell breaks loose. It's like a thousand incendiary devices all going off at once. What a phenomenal end to a great album of thrash.    
Overall, a savage barrage of thrash from a band hungry for world domination - and I believe they're well on their way to succeed.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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