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Remnants Of Pain

Wreck-Defy are a thrash metal band from Canada formed in 2016 by guitarist Matt Hanchuck, releasing their debut album 'Fragments Of Anger' in 2017. The bands second album 'Remnants Of Pain', was released in 2019 featuring former members of Annihilator and Testament - Aaron Randall (ex Annihilator) on vocals and Greg Christian (ex Testament) on bass guitar.    
Wow, and there ends my review... The second album from Canadian thrashers Wreck-Defy is a blistering gallop of some of the best thrash metal I have heard for some time. It has pace, urgency, a sense of purpose and enough melodic input to keep you hooked from start to finish. Nine songs across a scorching forty minute play time, begins with the high velocity, fast paced 'Killing The Children'. Thundering into life, 'Killing The Children' is quickly into its stride, forceful as it attacks the airways with a savagery that bands Annihilator and Testament portray - and why wouldn't it? As two of the bands members are exes of the aforementioned... 'Broken Peace' moves at a more mid tempo pace, yet keeps the overall vibe very heavy. Aggression and attitude rise high to the surface though, as 'Broken Peace' breaks loose midway, flying along at break neck speed, threatening the world land speed record as it hurtles on to a conclusion. Scorching pace and savage brutality combine perfectly, as 'Riverview' steams ahead at full tilt. Fast paced thrash metal has never sounded so good, and it's great to hear the old school vibe well and truly alive. Heads will be banging extremely hard to this one.    
'Looking Back' opens with the feeling of a power ballad - please God no, not on a thrash metal album... And after forty four seconds, 'Looking Back' breaks out into a thundering cacophony of thrash and traditional heavy metal. A massive amount of the melodic is sprayed all over 'Looking Back', a catchy and infectious song that will have fans of traditional metal drooling. And now for something special, seven minutes of the best thrash metal ever, well almost! '18oz Of Chrome' has everything you could ever wish for in a thrash metal song... It has pace, speed, urgency, a sense of purpose and just the slightest touch of the melodic to make it the most infectious offering on the album. Hooked is an understatement, more like "in love" is the appropriate feeling you're gonna have for '18oz Of Chrome'. Goosebumps, hairs raised on the forearms and an increased heart rate are just some of my body's reactions to this outstanding song. Just how can Wreck-Defy top this? Sadly they simply can't, but they can sure as hell match it - 'The Divide' a first class foray of melodic thrash metal. A superb blend of the thrash and traditional heavy metal styles, all sewn together with a strong melodic thread, 'The Divide' stands proud astride the genres of thrash and heavy metal. Album of the Year 2019 contender? Fuck yea...    
'Art Of Addiction' is a cracking title, as Wreck-Defy have most definitely got the art of addiction in everything they do. Their brand of music is one hundred percent addictive, delivering an adrenaline pumping experience of the most heart warming nature. I was in love with this album halfway through the opening song, and everything that has followed, just reinforced that feeling. 'Art Of Addiction' is mid to high tempo thrash with electrifying energy and poise. In 1991, the world of thrash metal was stunned and surprised by 'Nothing Else Matters', off the "black" album by American thrash metal legends Metallica. Wreck-Defy go some way to emulating that feeling with 'Angels And Demons'. A swaggering, staggering, meandering melodic march, 'Angels And Demons' is spliced with some savage thrash metal riffage. And so the final song is here and is the fastest song on offer. 'Blackened Cloth' is high velocity ferocious thrash at its most fierce. Blistering pace, scorching speed and savage riffery brings the curtain down on a superb album of head bangingly addictive thrash. What an album... Now where is the replay button . . .    
Overall, a terrific thrash metal rampage, full of pace, power and undeniable infectiousness.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
Reviewed For Vlad Promotion    
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