Guardians Of The Void

The Three Tremors are a heavy metal band from the USA, formed in 2018 by three of the greatest metal singers in the world - Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Dio Disciples), Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satans Host, Titan Force) and Sean 'The Hell Destroyer' Peck (Cage, Denner/Shermann, Death Dealer).    
The bands highly anticipated self titled debut album released in 2019 did not disappoint - delivering a bombastic heavy metal bombardment. The ground shuddering combination of traditional heavy metal with power metal was simply stunning - and just two years later, with the sonic assault of their debut still reverberating around the world, the three metal maestros are back with their sophomore album 'Guardians Of The Void'. Featuring twelve songs over an hour of power, The Three Tremors reaffirm their emergence as a supergroup to be reckoned with. Each and every song on the new album oozes oomph and energy - with album opener (and first single released) 'Bone Breaker', a bruising crescendo of searing heavy metal. And just like in my review of the bands debut, I will not be detailing which singer is singing when - that is up to you to figure out. 'Bone Breaker' is emphatic metal at its best, immediately turning heads and making listeners sit up and take notice. The Three Tremors are back - and shuddering the ground more than ever before.    
Title song 'Guardians Of The Void' picks up the pace, hurtling along at a breathless break neck speed - the band baring their teeth with a thrash infused high velocity rampage. The scorching pace is incredible, the aggressive nature is venomous, and the infectious level right off the fucking scale. This is American muscular heavy metal at its most ferocious. And the ferocity is far from over - 'Kryptonian Steel' maintaining the blistering, aggression fuelled pace, The Three Tremors straddling the border of the genres of thrash, power, and traditional heavy metal. And after just three songs in, the band are making a late charge for the title of Album Of The Year - a title I have bestowed upon four releases already this year! Am I gonna make it five? Well let's carry on and see, err, hear...    
The monumental foot stomping style of heavy metal is brought to the fore in the shape of 'Crucifer' - a heavy hitting mid tempo swagger of heaviness. A heaviness that hasn't given way since the album began, and I suspect will not for the rest of the album either. The Three Tremors have individually, been around for many years, making their names with varying bands, recently coming together to form the latest supergroup. For yes, they are a group, and they are super! Is there any stopping the unrelenting avalanche of heavy metal! Methinks not, as the three amigos storm on with 'I Can't Be Stopped'. Returning the ferocity of earlier, along with the aggression, 'I Can't Be Stopped' is a glorious meld of power and traditional metal - the band steaming ahead at full tilt. With the merciless onslaught of metal in full flight, The Three Tremors once again adopt the heavy foot stomping style - 'Frailty' the latest barbarous bombardment. The fierce force emanating from the album is overwhelming, the band unmerciful in their savage assault on listeners hearing - 'Guardians Of The Void' (the album) definitely one of the most aggressive and thrash like "heavy metal" albums I've heard for some time.    
The scorching pace makes an emphatic return for 'Operation Neptune's Spear' - the bands interpretation of the American military forces mission to bring the leader of the militant group responsible for the 9/11 atrocity to justice. The band tear through 'Operation Neptune's Spear' at a terrific speed, the aggression and brutality levels at an all time high. What a song, and what an album it's tuning out to be - 'Guardians Of The Void' (the album) an impressive gallop of fury and rage. Switching tempo and pace once again, the band thunder on with the meaty 'Chained To The Oar', the most melodic song heard so far - and when I say "most melodic", I mean it has only a slight touch. For 'Chained To The Oar' retains the albums overall heaviness and fiery force. With a title of 'Catastrophe', you'd expect a roaring avalanche of aggression. And aggression you get, but no roaring avalanche. 'Catastrophe' is a menacing and snarling, dare I say it, Megadeth styled swagger. The Three Tremors are producing a half and half album - half heavy metal, half thrash.    
With just three songs left, the intensity has been full on and in your face, the band unmerciful in their devouring of the senses with an overly savage bite. The menace carries on with 'Wickedness And Sin' - yet another, absolutely heavy hitting slab of metal. Starting as a foot stomp, 'Wickedness And Sin' gradually increases the pace until it becomes an all out furious gallop. A furious gallop that becomes a thunderous trot as 'The Fall Of Rome' comes to life and majestically stomps on, with aggression featuring highly in the vocal performance. Indeed, all three vocalists have been on top form throughout what has become my fifth Album Of The Year! Yes - fifth! This year has offered so many great albums - with metal and rock well and truly alive. All those doom mongers that say it's a dying genre haven't a fucking clue what they're on about. Closing the album is the traditional metaller 'War Of Nations' - once again incorporating the aggressive elements of thrash, maintaining the albums overall heaviness and unrelenting intensity. A superb album of superb metal from a supergroup comprising three of metals greatest singers.    
Overall, a heavy hitting gallop of thrash fuelled heavy metal filled with aggression and menace and everything you could ever want in a metal album.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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