The Three Tremors

The Three Tremors are a heavy metal band from the USA, formed in 2018 by three of the greatest singers ever to grace the world of heavy metal - Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Dio Disciples), Harry 'The Tyrant' Conklin (Jag Panzer, Satans Host, Titan Force) and Sean 'The Hell Destroyer' Peck (Cage, Denner/Shermann, Death Dealer). These three mighty maestros all come together to deliver a ground shuddering combination of traditional heavy metal and power metal. Their self titled debut album was released in 2019, and is one of the most highly anticipated "new band" releases this year.    

"Three Tremors will wake the dead, Three Tremors make you bang your head, We're here to make you feel alive"

Before I begin my review, I just wanna make it clear that it will not contain numerous "sounds like Judas Priest" references, nor will it detail which singer is singing when. Now that I've got that off my chest, one of the most highly anticipated new albums of the year combines American power metal with the classic sound of traditional heavy metal, delivering a whole hour of heavy hitting songs and a pulsating listening pleasure. 'Invaders From The Sky' launches the album in a fiery and fierce fashion, all guns blazing, and head bangingly addictive. This is high velocity heavy metal of the highest order, but then what would you expect from these three heavy metal icons? A sudden splurge of power metal hits the listener squarely in the forehead as 'Bullets For The Damned' thunders into life and storms off at pace. The combination of British, European and American heavy metal influences is a unique blend, and one that will reap many plaudits. Epic and atmospheric is the subtle opening to 'When The Last Scream Fades', soon giving way to the traditional galloping style of the greatest heavy metal genre the world has ever seen, the iconic NWOBHM. Combining speed and power, 'When The Last Scream Fades' is a blistering slice of heavy metal and is one of the many highlights the album has to offer. 'Wrath Of Asgard' is pure American heavy, power metal. Shuddering the ground it strides on, 'Wrath Of Asgard' is an anthemic monster, a bombastic battle cry, and a gloriously epic romp. The Three Tremors are delivering exhilaration and excitement with every song that passes...    

"Three times louder than a sonic boom, Three fingers on the hand of doom, We three Teutonic tons will now unite as one"

...exhilaration and excitement that shows no side of abating, as the album powers on with the furiously fast speed metal cacophony 'The Cause'. A blistering pace, screaming guitars and screeching vocals, 'The Cause' will cause violent head banging wherever it is played, shared and heard. The anticipation for this album was very high and it has not failed to make the grade. Simply superb, and we're not even half way through yet! Mid tempo melodic mastery greets the listener as 'King Of The Monsters' gets underway, building towards a hustling and bustling rampage of galloping heavy metal. The pace and power of the album is phenomenal, relentless and jaw dropping, showing no sign of mercy. Mosh pits everywhere will be a heaving mass of bodies wherever The Three Tremors perform. Dedicated to their legions of fans 'The Pit Shows No Mercy' is a thunderous gallop of heavy metal that is totally infectious, and a glorious anthem for fans everywhere to unite as one and sing along or screech at the tops of their voices. 'Sonic Suicide' brings back the heavy hitting mid tempo melodic sound from earlier. The Three Tremors are adept at weaving an effortless path between heavy metal, power metal and melodic metal as they deliver one of the years best albums so far, made all the better with the unique sound of three singers...    

"These metal monsters made the perfect plan, To be the loudest since the dawn of man"

...three singers of the quality and class of Owens, Conklin and Peck. The events in Honolulu, Hawaii in December 1941 during the second world war, is portrayed perfectly by The Three Tremors in 'Fly Or Die'. News report clips are spliced into 'Fly Or Die', adding to the songs epic nature. The fastest song on offer, 'Fly Or Die' scorches the Earth as it hurtles by like a, well, like a jet fighter off to war... The Three Tremors tell the story of Pearl Harbour in such a beautifully crafted way, 'Fly Or Die' is memorable for all manner of reasons. 'Lust Of The Blade' captures the staggering power of The Three Tremors, musically and lyrically, and the vocal performance is just off the scale. All three singers are amazing talents and have given the world so much great music. 'Speed To Burn' may relate to fast, however, the song is a mid tempo melodic affair...well, at least for the first minute and a half anyway. Picking up the pace and intensity, energy levels rocket off the scale as 'Speed To Burn' turns into a speedy romp of blistering proportions. A screecher, a screamer, 'Speed To Burn' is a speedster to get your heads banging harder than ever before. The final song on offer, is the self titled 'The Three Tremors', cryptically written, and if this was a political playground, it would be the bands manifesto. 'The Three Tremors' (the song) is the most power metal orientated song on offer and is an absolute gem to end the album with. An album of such genius and skill, it is, literally, a work of art.    

"One of us lights the fire, Two of us takes it higher, Three of us rule the night"

Overall, a bombastic and fantastic foray, from three legendary singers in the metal arena, this album is glorious, and is destined to become an all time classic.    
Review By Iron Mathew Collins    
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